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Tree Presented by Joel Berman Takes Readers into Wonderful Fantasy...

I will start my tale with my origin, about 4,700 years ago and cast in a fog of simple growth without any cognition. Even many centuries later, when I started to develop an awareness of self, I did not recall my initial birth and growth from a single seed and have no knowledge of the tree or the cone from which I was spewed forth onto the earth. Even in the human species, there is no true memory of conception, birth or the initial year of growth. True, there may be factors in the human species, there is no true memory of conception, birth or the initial year of growth. True, there may be factors in that germinal process which will affect one later on. And in the huminal process which will affect one later on. And in the human there may well be residual emotional and psychological effects due to problems during pregnancy, and the nature of the infant's emergence into the outside world. In similar manner, I have grown to understand that plants are impacted by where their seeds are blown and germinate, and that the growth and development of a true may vary according to a number of factors such as temperature, hydration, nutrients, altitude, oxygenation and other forces of nature.
My own history is simpler than the human one in that a tree begins its growth in one spot and most usually stays in that same spot for the rest of its life. It does not, on its own, have the ability to move from one area to another. Suffice it to say that I was deposited as a seedling in a mountainous region of California, among a grove of others, perched on an outcropping of rock which has such poor sediment that only a few other plants have survived longer than a few months or years before dying out. My exact location, while known to me, must be kept secret in order to prevent what you call human paparazzi from finding and even destroying my existence in their quest for publicity and information....

"I had never met a Tree before; once I did,
I felt all his emotions and laughed and cried with him...
This book made me consider all living things so much more clearly..."

By Joel Berman

Many of you who have a science background will enjoy the basic Universal energy principle being used to explain how the Tree came to recognize himself and all of the activities taking place in the world around him... After all, he was there in the path of all types of energy flowing in and around him...But this particular Bristlecone Pine Tree had developed the ability to think and transfer its thoughts to other objects...

Getting back to those first years, I must say there is no evidence of my interacting in any way with the human species for quite a while...I am not an academic in the true sense though I have accumulated a tremendous amount of information over the last 4,500 years, (I would do very well on one of your quiz shows if I had the gift of speech!"
While this may be interposing on the personal lives of humans, it must be understood that the solitude and privacy of the forest lands is a grossly misunderstood thing. How often lovers have passed me by, arm in arm, occasionally hugging and kissing, not realizing that the positive energy they exhibit has an effect on everything around them. Though not a common occurrence, I have even had several occurences of men and women fornicating near me without any awareness that they were not alone! Similarly, the struggles between beasts, and humans between themselves, produce a negative energy which also impacts their surroundings...This is the true nature of existence and only after many years, in my case centuries, does one gain an insight into these basic laws of nature...
There were the whoops and hollers of the men and the pungent smell of the blood, both human and animal, during the course of the struggle which took place not fifteen feet from my gnarled young trunk. I do recall the pain of a spear tip hitting my side and then being withdrawn roughly. It caused no apparent damage though that was a vague awakening for me to the constant struggle for survival which existed outside my own narrow existence. I was conscious of pain and the presence of other objects, but did not understand or comprehend what was occurring, and would not do so for many more years...

Who hasn't stopped to enjoy the beauty of trees? Many travel during the fall, merely to just see the autumn changes that miraculously bring our surroundings to something even more beautiful than the green leaves of spring... We see the trees and enjoy the life and benefit it offers...but what if, just maybe, a tree also watches us, gaining knowledge, and understanding of what has happened on planet earth... Consider that he has lived nearly 5000 years already... Such tenure has provided him with a wealth of history, knowledge... even, if you would imagine, a desire to share what he's learned... Say, with a human...

"Mama. Papa."
I admit that as I began the book, it seemed rather...weird... right? Whoever would consider that a tree would be able to communicate with a human? Or become a part of his body and life???! What would happen? Well, you might wind up with a young boy named Doogie Howser, who played the role of a boy genius and became a doctor...
When Oscar was six months old I could no longer wait to start applying myself to his life. To date as the
"absentee sense" I had been to the relatives' homes, the walks in the part and the interminable hours bathing, sleeping, crying, suckling and eating. So I intervened on a Saturday morning as the sun was rising. I forcibly made my impression upon Oscar. He sat up more erect in his highchair and stared ahead at his parents who were sitting with him and his sister at the breakfast table.
The first words came out slightly muffled but clear enough to shock both parents.

Doogie might have been a fictional character but Berman suggests; that is, Tree recommends,  we look at the life of Leonardo da Vinci, pointing out that while he was a famous painter, he was also the first and greatest of what came to be known as a Renaissance man...

This book is addictive. Before you know it, you've read enough to understand the basic thrust of the storyline. From then on, you are caught into the web that Berman has weaved for his readers. Like that insect who has been in your house, but all of the sudden, takes off and flies right toward you! Tree crawled into Oscar's mind, sharing his vast knowledge. How far would he go once he was embedded there? How far could he go???

This is a one-of-a-kind book in my opinion.  Readers will not only be learning while reading, but exploring yet unknown options of uses of universal energy to mold future generations simply through communication and sharing intellectually... But don't necessarily expect a happy ending... After all, this is, after all, a sci-fi fantasy; i.e., an exceptional, fascinating, unique experience immediately at your fingertips... Welcome the's highly recommended at least once in your life!


Joel Berman is a prolific author and renown surgeon. Among others, he has written, Understanding Surgery and Comprehensive Breast Care.

I first met Dr. Berman through his nonfiction book, Understanding Surgery. It is an outstanding reference for your home... I'm certainly happy to see Dr. Berman expanding his writing efforts into fiction...for our benefit!

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