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Trumped! By Peter Davidson - Not For This PC Reviewer...

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It has been politically correct to be politically correct for many years now, and it seems that the trend is even intensifying. A slip of the tongue, an off-the-cuff comment, or a heart-felt posting on social media might rain a firestorm of criticism down upon a person and might even get them fired from their job. 
A person who always tries to be politically correct must choose their words and actions carefully, so they don’t offend someone or hurt someone’s fragile feelings. There used to be a saying that kids in school repeated if someone said something mean or nasty to them— “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Whatever happened to that simple philosophy?
This book is about going Beyond Politically Correct—about saying what you mean and meaning what you say. The book contains over 100 situations that people face in real life along with the type of response a person might give if trying to be politically correct. Then, what a person would say if they had the guts to go Beyond Politically Correct and say what they really believe, to be Brutally Honest, is shown for the same situation.
This book is about relationships, advice, wisdom, and philosophies to live by, sprinkled with a good dose of humor, satire, and irreverence—and it’s a little risque, so be prepared.
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When I was asked to review this book, I immediately indicated if it was about Trump, I would not read it...I really didn't get an answer so reluctantly accepted it... Today, I went to Amazon to pull the book up and typed in Trumped! and got several, none of which was the book I wanted. Apparently other writers have used this title to draw attention to their books as well. Supposedly this has nothing to do with Trump, but I had to laugh when, in doing a search for the author, the above video came up first...Seems Pete Davidson is out there talking about Trump and his actions...

When I started reading this book, after seeing what it was, I closed it and went on to another book. Last night I finished it. First, I have said before, I do not appreciate most humor and satire. In this case, even more so. In this book, considering what being Politically Correct (PC) is all about in various social situations, the author had presented no real argument for or against, but merely uses it to elicit reaction... And to do so, the author uses gratuitous, what might be called "gutter language." Apparently, in his world, everybody uses common four-letter words on a routine basis, and, if they are not PC, they would be using it in response to most daily situations... Wrong!

Sure, all of us do it... In today's world we are faced with situations where, if we shared our true feelings, then we would not be PC... The thing about this book is that the situations presented are so diverse and created more for satire and humor, that the potential truth of some of the situations is lost. Or, they represent such obviously "selfish" responses, that they are too honest to be funny...
Author, Author... As a youth, David always had a paperback in his pocket and read every chance that he got--fun books like Zane Grey westerns and Sherlock Holmes mysteries. David believed that writing a book was a high calling and when he was nineteen, he got the idea that some day he would become a writer. David tried everything: writing short stories, magazine articles, songs, poems, and even a novel. He collected what probably would have been a Guinness World Record number of rejection slips and letters, if he had kept track of them all. Finally, after trying for several years, a major publisher offered to publish a book of Davids. It was a dream come true. Publication of the book was followed by radio interviews and book signings. The crowning glory of his book signing tour was at a bookstore in his home town. It was wonderful to have old friends and former teachers stop by for an autographed copy of the book. Many of them said such memorable things.
The reader is presented with a particular situation; for instance, an author who has made it has been invited to a book signing in his home town. The PC version--which is probably something like I would say truthfully--as a former classmate, "David, I'm so excited for you and I'm eager to read your book; I'll bet it's great!"  OR another classmate goes beyond PC and would like to have said, if honest, "I wanted to get an autographed copy of your book because when you die, it might be worth something."

Imagine, if you would, that when I've received the hundreds of signed copies from writers that have taken the time to sign their book, thought my response would be "Oh good, when he/she dies, I'll be able to make money on this because it's signed..." How sad to have even thought of this scenario.

Most of the situations provided for individuals in marriage, family etc.--some made me gag... like
Helping Auntie...Harold's auntie old and feeble and unable to do the physical tasks that are necessary around her house and yard. She is also a spinster who never married and never had any children. Did I happen to mention that she is also very, very rich? Auntie appreciates very much Harold's mowing the lawn, shoveling the snow, getting the oil changed in her car, and taking care of numerous tasks around the house.
Yes, I am this Auntie! And the PC version is supposedly "Auntie, I love spending my weekends helping you with errands around the house. That's what family is for, after all. Now is there anything else that I can help you with before it gets dark and I have to go home to bed?"

OR, I am supposed to believe that my nephew would be "brutally honest" if he admitted that he was doing it only for money and that she should be sure to name him in her will..."

You know, if I were really a rich aunt and was asking for help, I would be paying that individual for their help and not expecting them to work, contingent upon my death. Such a situation should be considered in sympathy not made to be ridiculed...

At the same time situations within the business world indeed had validity but creating satire to show what should be said, even if not PC, has caused many individuals to take a lot of crap, being afraid to speak up for themselves. Of course, I'm one of those individuals that did go beyond being politically correct...and was...quietly eliminated... What does that say, I wonder?

There are few smiles to be had from the supposed humor in this book. If you are the type that enjoys satire and this style of humor, hey, go for it, but not with my recommendation. Just like our presidential candidate, you too can dare to go beyond being politically correct... that satire or sarcasm I just used...sometimes I get them mixed up...Oh well...after all I just read TRUMPED!


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