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Dylan Morrison Presents Divine Love--Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened...

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dylan Morrison is a spiritual author, poet, and contemporary Yeshua thinker, presently living in the historic, cathedral city of Lincoln, England. Raised in Northern Ireland, Dylan has a great empathy with all who've travelled through dysfunctional religious movements in their search for meaning. He writes to expose religious control whilst bringing hope to those who've suffered from various forms of spiritual abuse.

I decided to start with this author's statement. I think it is important to first share the general theme of Morrison's latest book--spiritual abuse--as you consider it for your own use. One thing I've noticed about writers who have written in a specific area, is that they tend to begin to use a specific lexicon that evolves from their research and study. In this case, psychological terminology was added and, I would say, simple words like ego to separate our mind and body, helping to understand.. The series of musings, thoughts, some humorous, some very serious, had become a reality to me...

Why? Because many of us had found a less than godly environment within a church, or churches, in which they had become involved. Sexual abuse from supposed godly men had led to much of this. For me, at least two were leaders in the church...and the last, when I was older, was the pastor. But there are many other types of abuse--especially, as Morrison dwells on--the lack of Divine Love toward one another within the church as well as toward all others as well...

A WORD BEFORE I have to admit it! I'm a bit of a dreamer. I always have been, and I guess, I will always be. As a young lad wandering around my grandpa's little Northern Irish farmstead, I was always pondering the meaning of life, albeit from a somewhat na├»ve, childlike perspective. And yet, perhaps, that's the best way to make some kind of sense out of this mysterious dance that we nonchalantly call life. A viewing through the eyes of innocence, those still untouched by the adult delusions and machinations of ego. As a naive, little, six-year-old lad, I once sheltered under an enormous oak during a fierce lightning storm at the bottom of grandpa's cattle paddock. The sights, sounds, and torrential rain of the Irish sky seemed to elevate me to a higher place, one tinged with both fear and wonder. Who or what lay behind all this, the powerful flailing of Nature at both its worst and best? Something stirred deep within me as I stood there soaked, and more than a little apprehensive that the lightning might soon seek me out to silence my metaphysical questionings. Of course, like all our momentary encounters with Source Reality, it didn't last...

Thankfully, our heightened state of alert doesn't last. Divine Love sees to that. With one touch of Its hand we're reduced to quivering wrecks, as our defensive energies finally run dry. A transpersonal crisis, one that removes us from the survival war zone for good. In our weakness we are finally free to enter that other realm, that place of Ultimate Reality which has never suffered the stresses and strains of ego and its weary ways. A recovery unit where the desperate cries of Self-inflicted conflict are but a distant nightmare, one that quickly fades into the restorative mists of time. It's only at this point that we can listen, truly listen, to the Voice within. The whispers of Self and Spirit combine as One to gently, yet purposely, guide us on our Way.

Divine Love

Dylan Morrison

Morrison begins his book with a fairly length Opening Word before he shares over 100 short...poems, musings, thoughts... You will easily see that he has thought much about those who have been faced with some type of personal crisis within one of the world's religious facilities--synagogue, church, cathedral, or mosque--I saw nothing to indicate that the author is speaking to any one religion or any one belief system. He speaks only to those who have questioned, grown concerned, wondered about events...

I remember once that a man had stolen from the church treasury. Was it the proper thing to do to handle this totally within the church, even though the money of the church had been given by its members? I still don't have an answer to that in my heart, as opposed to my mind...I wonder, what would the author say to this thief??? To the church leaders who made their decisions about what had happened...

The Dance of Spirit leads us through many and various belief steps on the dance floor of life. Never once does It urge us to look down at our free-flowing feet. Rather, It encourages us to lift our gaze upwards, towards the Mystery that emanates from the Heavens.
When the storm hits there's only one place of refuge, and, surprisingly, it's within. That timeless dwelling space of Divine Presence where the frenzied fears of ego cannot reach and where All is still. A portal to a place beyond where One is All and All are One.

After the initial reading, this is the type of book that may be used to start your day or take a break to spend a little time in thinking, and perhaps healing just a wee bit more. Most of you know that my healing is ongoing from the trauma I experienced when I had to choose between my professional life and my own health. Many of these pages had words that spoke directly to me; you, too, might find the same, although they are different selections than the ones that touched me.

Morrison makes us realize that it is serious business when anyone, or anything, including our religion, separates us from God. Some of us may not even have realized it, but with what is happening in today's world where religion is the basis on which wars, death, executions, etc., are started and continued, we surely have become the author and begun to speak out and express concern... Divine Love speaks of your connection to our God. Some might think first of Jesus--Yeshua... Others might think first of God--El Shaddai and so many other names used around the world to express praise and adoration.

Morrison provides us with an excellent tool, specifically speaking to those of us who have become disheartened, hurt, or suffered outright abuse of some kind. Consider the excerpts shared yesterday, today, and maybe sometime in the future. Far better, to place this little book somewhere where you can reach it quickly and seek out a needed message. Mark your favorites for specific concerns, or do as I often do, read a page randomly to find out what God may have provided through the author... And receive God's blessings...Highly recommended.


Much religious energy is expended in debates over which model of church to adopt. I'm afraid that I put the issue up there with the “How many angels fit onto a pinhead?” type of question, viz. totally irrelevant. I speak, not as anti-church zealot, but as one who is merely anti-spiritual abuse and control. When one encounters the freedom and wonder of Divine Presence, sacred surroundings matter not one whit.

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