Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Photo... From Adolph Caso...and My Response...

My Friend Adolfo recently shared the photo from his yard and allowed me to put together a response using it! When I see the wings spread out from the eagle, I cannot help but consider how God has created each of the birds of the air, as well as all living creatures... Long ago, because of my love of cats, I began to consider how cats must see us as their God, their friend, their savior, their beloved family... So, too, when I saw the red bird sitting on the statue, I thought just how much that bird, also, might have asked, "Are you God?" Afterall, His eye is indeed on each of us...

And just as the young choir members know that He watches them, so also do many of us older adults know as well... but sometimes we lose heart...

On My Way

Never the desire has left me
to get to you, oh God,
in these last thirty years
and some of which so many
in darkness.
Are there more?

I should not ask the question
for night is yet my light
that fluctuates so distantly
though close to my heart:
too often,
it dimly disappears.

So with the means--religion,
with all the man-made sinuousness
whose beauty and logic
have often brought me close to you.


remained distant

and dim.

I lay in thought of you
not knowing how much of it,
or the inner being,
is my feeling.

--Adolfo Caso
from Water and Life

Sometimes as we become older,
our once bright vision becomes dim
We seem to be so alone,
distant from the world...
yet, knowing, we are "on our way"
We falter often...
Lord...Take my Hand...

And these thoughts and words came to me, dear Adolfo, because you

shared a photo...

Thank you...

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