Friday, November 11, 2016

Guest Blogger, Dylan Morrison, Shares from His Latest Book - Divine Love

Book Description

Divine Love is an inspirational collection of spiritual musings from the pen of Irish writer, Dylan Morrison. The fruit of a life-long, roller-coaster journey, it encapsulates Morrison's personal take on all things God, Self and Relational.
Each pithy reflection aims to release us from our propensity for self-deception, by leading us to the Mystery of Source and its healing offspring, Self-compassion. Morrison's literary tools are humour, mixed with a disarming, Irish honesty as he examines what really makes us tick. 
The favoured Linus blankets of both organised religion and New Age philosophies come under his razor-sharp scrutiny, opening up liberating, new areas of exploration for the sincere, spiritual seeker. If you're asking life's big questions, then Divine Love is surely the book for you.

Review Coming...

Every so often Divine Love comes calling, 
giving us a series of little signs
that it's time for another in-depth therapy session.
The opportunity for yet another dysfunctional 
sub-personality to rise up from the cellar
 of our lower unconsciousness
 and be introduced to Spirit Breath. 

A vital healing session where a little bit of me
 can be embraced and released
 by the overwhelming, 
yet deeply respectful 
fire of Divine Love.

As we enter into the challenge of change, 
Divine Love always meets us more than half way.

We're shocked to discover
 that our path to growth and freedom
 was laid down by Spirit Breath
long before space-time began. 

A pre-planned trajectory to bring us Home.

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