Thursday, November 10, 2016

Come On! We're Traveling to Poland Today! Yes, Carole Roman is Our Tour Guide!

If you were me and lived in Poland, you
would find yourself in Central Europe
in a country you called Pokska, but the
rest of the world called it the Republic
of Poland. People from Poland are called
Polanie. The name Polanie means people
living in open field.
The Kingdom of Poland was founded
in the year 1025.
The Polish constitution was written on
May 3, 1791, making it the first in Europe
and second in the world.
I was excited to visit Poland! I found I knew very little about this country. Or, of what I knew, I had not known of the connection to Poland. It is so wonderful to have the opportunity to teach your children about these countries, while young, with Roman's "Child's Introduction to Culture Around the World. Do give your children to learn about other countries and, hopefully, help bring our world's residents closer together...

Warsaw is the capital city which is built on the banks of the Wisla River, located in the central eastern part of Poland.

There is a legend that Warsaw got its name from a fisherman named Wars, who fell in love with a mermaid who lived in the river. Her name was Sawa. Because of this legend, there are many statues of mermaids in the city. There is a mermaid on the official city seal...

If You Were Me and Lived in...Poland
A Child's Introduction to Culture Around the World

By Carole P. Roman
Illustrated by Kelsea Wierenga

As you may have guessed, I think this series is a wonderful learning experience for all children...and we adults who are willing to admit we still need to learn about the world's cultures...

Of course, a fan of classical music like me had enjoyed Chopin's music for many years, not even thinking about where he was born...Shame on Me... Now I know about a number of great tributes to their most important and famous composer from the 1800s, including black stone benches spread around the city where you can stop during your tour, sit and relax, and even press a button to hear a sample of the Master's music! How cool is that?! I'd love to have the opportunity to visit this country!

And, of course, to meet some of the children...

If you are a boy, your parents might have chosen the name Marek, Filip, or Jakub. They could have picked the name Weronika, Ewa, or Karolina for your sister...

One part I especially appreciated was the inclusion of simple store-bought items, but provided in Polish...And then the writer asks the reader to match the words with their English version. A Great idea for beginning to learn another language. I think I got the match right...let me know if you do!

Now I want to share what I would most like to see: The Wielicza Salt Mine...

Your favorite vacation would always be to visit the Wielicza Salt Mine located on the outskirts of Krakow. Salt was mined there continuously since the thirteenth century up until 2007. It was one of the oldest companies in the world. Now it is a great tourist attraction. In the olden days, salt was essential for curing meat and valuable for trading. What makes this place special is the unique underground city completely carved from rock salt by the miners who worked there over hundreds of years. There is a chapel that is said to have the best acoustics of any other structure in Europe. That means when music is played there, it bounces off the walls to surround you in sound. Ancient sculptures stand side by side with new and modern carvings that have been added.

There's lots more to learn about Poland--like Copernicus, Children's Day, and more about what the children do for fun and exercise, and home life!

The color scheme for this particular book is sure to attract readers' attention. They are bright, brilliant and eye-pleasing...and the features of the characters and places has been exceptionally well done...Kudos to Kelsea Wierenga! This was a favorite for me, just because there was so much new to learn... What country have you most enjoyed visiting with our tour guide Carole Roman?

Do encourage your children to become totally involved with this series and look forward to each new country. For many of us, it is one of the only ways to visit abroad...and starting your children learning about the world is bound to help in moving forward into living and getting older!  Highly recommended!


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