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David-Michael Harding - The New Illuminati: Return to Power, Part 2

"Federal officers are assembling at your office, Denti. SOCOM is standing by at MacDill. We'll have teams hit Campiano's house and business by end of day. Forensics will take it from there."
"SOCOM?" Cal said as he stood up. "Special forces don't executive the search warrants yield."
The name sparked Jack, who was demonstratively agitated - a short step from normal for him. "John LaRoy don't strike me as a guy who watches anything from the sideline," he said. "You're wildcatting this, aren't you, Nuary?"
"Oh, you know LaRoy? I thought so."
"We've met."
"I bet you have."
Alyn was up and at the door and Cal was being pulled by an invisible rope. He looked back at Jack and held his pinkie and thumb to his head as a phone and mouthed that he'd call.
"Go have your fun, Agent Nuary," Jack shouted toward the door. But you can't use Navy Seals as your private SWAT Team. That dog don't hunt. Not even in Washington! LaRoy will put your ass in a wringer and I'll work the crank."
Alyn stopped and spun. Her earrings caught in her hair. "This is a Federal investigation. You' done. Understand? If you need help with the big words I can make it clearer. Pull back. Drop out. Or I'll have you charged with obstruction."
Cal was easing Nuary to the door. "Fight nice, Alyn. Let's go."
Nuary actually pushed Cal away. "You too, Denti. You want to spoon feed the locals and cut me out? I'll transfer you. You'll be scanning mail on the Canadian border. Sonofabitch."
Marcus was stunned. Cal was embarrassed for the agency and moved around Nuary to the door. "I'll call you, Jack."
"Jesus H. Christ. You are something else, Nuary. A goddamn bleached blonde meat grinder, aren't you? You better go back to Atlanta and play cop on your fancy ass phone there. You're not going to like Tampa. It gets hot down here."
"Go fuck yourself, DA."
Alyn ducked out the door. Calburn was some distance up the hall headed for the parking garage. She pulled her cell phone out and began typing. Behind her, Marcus stuck his head out the door then looked over his shoulder back to his boss.
"What was that?"
"That, Petey," Jack said as he leaned way back in his chair and folded his hands behind his head, "that is a rare animal. Exotic really."
"Silicone bitchium botoxius."

The New Illuminati:
Return to Power, Part 2

By David-Michael Harding

I was so happy to have received both parts of this story at once. Part 1 had introduced us to The New Illuminati, which had been started by just one man, a computer genius, who had brought down politicians who had taken criminal actions to get what they wanted, purely by destroying them financially and publicly. And then went on to other actions similar in nature.

Soon he had been joined by a man who put muscle behind the people who chose the criminal way rather than doing the job they were chosen to do, effectively and honestly. 

But the concept took off and now across the nation, civilian vigilantes were acting and using the same reference and symbol for their actions. Of course, by that point, readers do not know whether all such actions had been done in the true spirit of the New Illuminati!

Part 2 begins the official investigations that had already begun and merged them into a coordinated effort between the FBI, and the Tampa District Attorney and his lead investigator. Since events had spread beyond Florida, the FBI was leading that coordinated effort. 

I must stop and commend the author for presenting such a diverse, captivating set of characters in this second book, especially the one FBI Director Alyn, who we quickly learn to hate. I wish I could say that she was just a victim of the Peter Principle, but this little lady  had willfully and actively used her sexual favors to get to where she was. For me, she that's woman that every professional woman wants to have fired because of her incompetence, like she should have been, instead of bedded and allowed to continue playing her games... Her latest lover is feeding everything on the case directly to her...the only bed her... and the deal runs as long as their trading satisfies her...

"No, I don't think her claws are retractable and I like my eyes where they are."
"She doesn't want to get in your pants, Petey. She wants to get in your head. Despite what she said, she wants what we have--the Tampa skinny on Rand and this new character. Ciampiano."
..."You're going to wrinkle your skirt, Director," he said as he slipped the car in bear.
Nuary left her thigh exposed. "Try to keep your eyes on the road. Drive."
Calslammed on the brakes and shoved the car in part as he spun toward Nuary in one motion. "Look, Alyn. Everyone knows your game, but don't play it on me. Why don't you go back to Atlanta and let us run this? You have no idea what you're doing."
Nuary reached over and grabbed Cal's crotch. He was stunned but peeled her hand away instantly and shoved her hard across the seat and away from him.
Alyn tossed her head back and laughed through a veil of her messed up blonde hair. She adjusted her breasts blatantly. "I knew you've been wnting to feel these for years, but not so rough next time."
Cal glanced at her in disbelief. "What is wrong with you?"
She ignored him. "If you grab my pussy, you'd be fired by tomorrow."
Of course, she was also being left out of the case by the good ole boys who accepted what she was and were not able to do anything but go around her... But would it work, even when she was fired by the FBI leader?

It was quite logical to make the assumption that since the events had started in Tampa, that the instigators lived there... In fact, it was quite easy to pinpoint two potential men who had the knowledge and/or background to achieve what was being done.

That, to me, was the first mistake that had been made by the New Illuminati team...would it prove to be their downfall?

I enjoyed most the DA who frankly had a hard time not being thankful for what these men were doing. He had seen so many true criminals go free due to bribes, false testimonies, etc. But when it came down to it, as he talked with the lead of the FBI, with whom he became friendly, what had started and happened were criminal actions and they were hurting people who had not been formally convicted and therefore were civilians requiring police protection.

A disturbing love situation also entered the story, as the lover of one of the two men who were now "most wanted" had warned him of what was coming, which allowed him to escape... But evidence was coming forward about what she'd done, and things became worse when she discovered she was pregnant and the timing was telling...especially to Director Alyn who pretended to befriend her...

Harding places readers exactly where he wanted us to be...Are we supporters of The New Illuminati? Are we tired of things as they have traditionally been, with little improvement? Or are we strictly law and order proponents waiting and expecting law enforcement to handle all required actions? Personally I could deal with a little of both...but when the murders started happening... Well, that places readers in a very provocative, thought-provoking situation, doesn't it? 

So, bottom line, what you have is a novel that pits citizens against politicians. And police work to investigate and protect, while some of those officers have and indeed indulge in their own agendas... Gee, it sounds alllllll toooooo familiar!

Remember Sam? He's the one I had hopes for from Part 1...
Maybe he's our hero??? Or...Not... Can things ever change???

Harding certainly caught my attention, given our daily news sharing the murders and other atrocities happening across the world. I may not have gotten an answer, but the author has presented a book that, in my opinion, is certainly a must-read. It's excitingly familiar, but provocative enough to taunt readers: What are you willing to do to protect your home and life?

Harding also caught my attention for his writing in his first book I read. His command of the language and his genius in weaving words into a truly literary masterpiece is well above the average, moving him into one of the top writers now sharing his work around the world. If you haven't read so now. 

I do want to point out that you cannot possibly get the full impact of The New Illuminati without reading both Parts of the book. I highly recommend you start with Part 1 before you even consider Part 2. You know, the one thing I'd like to know...How would you like to see the second book end? Let me know your thoughts and let's talk! Harding  has given us much to digest... or regurgitate... This two-part book is definitely on my top personal favorites list!


David-Michael Harding is a life-long writer whose work has appeared in national publications and has been recognized by the international writing community. He is a collegiate writing instructor and former semi-professional football player. His experiences provide readers with well researched, crushing fast-paced action. Most of his days are spent writing from the cockpit of his sailboat, Pegasus, somewhere off the Nature Coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico.

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