Thursday, January 20, 2022

I Was Happy - A Lovely Poem by Regis Auffray! Take a Break and Relax!

Tired of Winter, Worry about Covid, or Divided America?

Escape with Regis Auffray into Summer's Delight~


 I Was Happy


I was intimate

with happiness

when birds sang

flowers bloomed

sun shone and warmed

rain refreshed and cooled

children played carefreely

I was one of them

moon rose and silver lined

the night

with love and light

skylarks soared

wild creatures

went about their way


the sea sighed

in sweet serenity

swishing the shore

of golden sand

in tune

with the lilt of the breeze

caressing our presence

the fullness of it all

enchanting us


all was well

when you were here with me


it is still all fine

all well in the waiting


© Regis Auffray


Regis has given me blanket authorization to use any of his poetry here at Book Readers Heaven...Thank you So Muc Regis! Find his home at Authors Den!

I chose Summertime as one of my Oldie Goldies songs which will never be forgotten...

Now Spend some extra time, just relax...enjoying my favorite Tenor, and a wonderful surprise, His Daughter! You Can't Help but Become Calm and Enjoy!

Andrea Bocelli Hallelujah with Daughter Virginia, Sacramento Ca. October 23, 2021

God Bless!

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