Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Triology So Powerful Read in Two Days - Skipping Book 2, My Favorite for Next by Linda Prather!


“We need to talk to a child psychologist before we do the interviews. Someone who can give us some insight into the problems teenagers face today, and what would push them over the limit of what they can take.” 
I rose, grabbed the notepads and headed for the door. “Bring the paperwork. We’ll pick up Greg and see if we can find a psychologist willing to talk to us.” 
“On it, boss.” 
Heat rose from my neck into my face. “Stop it.” 
Dave slipped his arm through mine and hummed the "Wedding March" as he pulled me down the hallway. “It’s just a matter of time.” 
“Yep. When hell freezes over.” 
~ ~ ~

Linda Prather ends her last book in the Death Trilogy that is so unbelievable, it stuns you... Even in the beginning as I started reading, I knew something was different. It was tense, provocative, and so deeply complex that each word must be slowly read and absorbed, understood--sometimes I even had to stop and go back and read what exactly was happening. This book is awesome! Unforgettable!

And not in any way, able to be reviewed without providing too much of the plot. It is a Must Read, like no other, especially if you are a parent. I am in awe of Prather's skill and obvious research needed to create such a much-needed book, albeit, 
fiction. Only one other book, Seduced: The Grooming of America's Teenagers, has made such a long-lasting impression on me. The topic could only be relieved by the humorous dialogue that, having read the first two books in the series, we have come to enjoy. The characters have already been finely drawn. But in this book, the potential power of the ultimate goal of the crime is breathtaking... 

“I knew there was a reason I kept you around.”  Dave guffawed, started the car and pulled away from the station, humming a love song.  I gritted my teeth to keep from sticking my foot in my mouth with a comment that would only escalate his brutal teasing. It’s my own fault. I’m the one that said we were friends with benefits.

And, don't pay attention to Dave's teasing, there is no wedding in this last book! But...lots of Lillipop

“That all?” Dave threw his hands up in the air. “You jumped my ass like I’d eaten your last dog biscuit.”  “First of all, I did not jump your ass. Put your hands back on the wheel.” I glanced in the rearview mirror and Greg smiled. “If Greg were a lollipop, little miss cheerleader would still be licking.”  

The car swerved, and Dave headed for a driveway, whipped in and stopped. His face flushing a deep red as he gasped for air. “Dave, are you okay? What’s wrong?”  He beat his hands against the wheel and gasped. “You… got… to… warn…a… guy… before… you… say… something… like… that.” He opened his door and scooted out, tears rolling down his face as he bent over from the waist. “Lollipop.” A deep shuddering howl rumbled up from his stomach as he slapped his knees. “Licking.”  

“Shit.” I crossed my arms and huddled in the seat. “I thought the bastard was having a heart attack.”


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