Monday, January 17, 2022

What's Happening at Book Readers Heaven - ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT Featuring Words of Mary Lynn Plaisance and Martin Luther King

So, I was thinking about what I wanted to say about no longer accepting requests for reviews...and posting after such a long time... For me, lots of things have been and are continuing related to my health and I'll share on that from time to time... It was kinda ironic, though to think about the words I used for a title...and wouldn't you know it, this phrase, Attitude Adjustment, popped into my mind...Here's an interesting idea of what I mean:

You see, our attitude affects the way we view life and this influences our behavior and communication. And, the way we behave and communicate influences any situation we experience. Because of this, if you have a negative attitude, you are more likely to create a negative outcome.  
Hank Williams even sang about it...

I'm not much for country music, especially some with words that would never apply to me; however, I had to chuckle with these songs that followed each other.. sometimes I get gentle nudges for complementing my blog articles with music... Family Traditions struck me also...after all, apparently I'm the only non-republican in the family...Yikes! Funny, it bothers the family more than it bothers me!

You See, my attitude made a big adjustment when Donald Trump was elected president...and it immediately affected my interest and ability to write reviews as I had in the past. 
 I've always felt that I could maintain quite a bit of objectivity in writing my reviews...Not so much these days, however... 

I'll probably be writing more about this as time goes by, but in the meantime, I've realized that many writers have been affected or influenced by what is happening in today's world, and especially during the last 5 years or so...

The best illustration is from one of my favorite fiction writers, Mary Lynn Plaisance... Here is what she writes on the back cover:

  • He should've never said this. Never. He has no empathy.
    My Dad IS a Hero
  • No one has the right to call him a loser. Especially a "president" of the USA who was a draft dodger...
She writes more in her Introduction...

The day that Donald Trump called Veterans "Suckers" and "Losers" was the day I vehemently hated him, and I'm not a person who hates. I can also forgive easily, but I can't forgive him for all of the harm he has brought to America and to the world with his fascist ways of ruling this country. I never liked him since the '80s when he was in the news for his first divorce. I thought he was an arrogant man then, and today, I think he's vile. Trump is a loser for sucking up to dictators and criminals. He doesn't deserve to walk in any veterans' shoes and shouldn't be allowed in any Veteran grave site or at any memorial ceremony of any kind. He hates Veterans. He was impeached and shouldn't even be allowed to be president for a second term. That's all I have to say about that "man."
Let this be a remembrance of the legacy that Trump leaves behind as well as being an impeached president. I never did call him a president and never will. He's a malignant narcissist who belittled every one of our allies and uplifted every dictator on the planet. He's a coward and a bully. All bullies are insecure and weak. Cowards like him need to put other people down to lift themselves up. He said this:
'Why Should I go To That Cemetery? It's filled with Losers."--Donald Trump
He should've never said this. Never. He has no empathy.
My Dad, who IS a Hero was nothing like Trump. Now let me tell you about my Dad, a true hero, who died in 1991 of a massive heart attack...My Dad enlisted in the Army.

  • Mary was affected by our past president.
  • I was also affected...
Now in the present, I've had to consider, think about, and decide just how much I have changed...Not much, in reality. Maybe a lot for those who thought they knew me... When I open a new book and find references or a storyline related to the past president, or involving the government, I am unable to be objective...My personal response to him is too prejudicial for me to ignore the relationship or connection of the actions presented in a book. I had to put Mary's book aside until I am able to read her story of her father from an unbiased standpoint.

Even now, I can no longer be the avid reader and lover of books as I once was. I still read. Don't get me wrong. But I feel that I am no longer able to professionally review books without my personal attitude adjustment becoming involved! For example, I am now reading a book about a government in crisis... For me, the reality in America immediately comes to mind and I find my thoughts, my words, relate more to today's headlines rather than the story, no matter how much I'm enjoying it. Would the words reflect those words written by the author...or mine as I think about all the damage Trump has done and is still doing to our country.

Bear with least I'm beginning to have the "itch" to review just after I've read a great book... Keep watching... Right now, I'm highlighting books I need to talk about for whatever reason. But not posting a formal review... 

In the meantime, God Blesses Our Words and Actions. Remember a Democracy Takes Moral Integrity. The Kind that Martin Luther King had and which were included in the words expressed today at The View...Commemorating One of America's Greatest Leaders!


  1. Thank you so much, Glenda. I'm honored.
    I feel the same as you. Even my vampire trilogy takes on a "take over the planet" theme
    and I begin to think of 1/6. He's poisoned the minds of so many and ruined families. The thing that gets to me is he's proud of that. But, I will continue to write and you should be able to continue to read and review, because you're good at what you do and he is not.
    AGAIN... I'm honored. Thanks on behalf of my dad also.

    1. So glad to year from you! I have discovered...given how Covid is going, and that I probably won't be able to have surgery for months, that I was going to do what I wanted, which is sitting working rather than trying to do more at home... I find I'm happier when I'm not watching so much television...Sigh...