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Was it only a few days ago, when I awoke with His Spirit singing Alive!? While I heard the words most of the day, I didn't feel a need to write about it...then... Today, Yes, Today, was the day to share about Jesus...My Friend. When I was young and my father had been killed in a mine accident before I was born, my Mom made sure that we were all dressed nicely and were taken to church, later participating in all things, especially music. She had our neighbor teach my sister and I basic piano skills, and later mostly hymns. I remember the first hymn that I played...

Tears fill my eyes as I read the words of the hymn, and remember that I was particular to pay attention to the timing provided... The Words: They've stayed in my heart and have been those I've strived to follow... For whatever reason, I found that the words of music came to mean more to me than the Bible... Later, when I was able to play a little better, although not ever the greatest, I came to play as if I were singing the words, the phrasing of the music then became more of my prayer, I believe...

I learned all of the children's songs early in my life, memorizing the words that were to become so meaningful to me even later in life...especially now. When I was old enough to understand about the Holy Trinity, I quickly began to consider just what that meant! Well, I had no earthly father, so I realized that God was My Father (who art in Heaven). Jesus was His son, and became my closest Friend (even today)... And then when Jesus died for me, he told me that he would leave His Holy Spirit to live in me! Wow! Cool! Amazing Grace!

Once I didn't understand, but somehow, I believed that God Himself was alive in ME...Because Christ died for ME... And I...believed! He's Alive! In Me!

I was a child, a baby in Christ and He welcomed me as He does all children, no matter what race, color, or religion...God the Father sent Christ His Son to sacrifice His life for all of His children. His Name is Wonderful!

I love Wonderful Grace of Jesus, don't you? Especially when sung in parts. It's fun to sing and brings joy to you, right?! But His Name is Wonderful brought different and new thoughts...

Thoughts about just how and why God became "God" to so many different people... Nearly everybody in the world now thinks there is a God... Even God's People, who rejected Christ--could that have been part of God's long-term plan? Jesus said to go out and speak of His Name across the World. And, today, these days, I often think about the Woman of Samaritan, to whom Christ went to speak, even though that should have been forbidden... What He didn't do was ban that woman from His Presence... He didn't hate her but loved her. He didn't use violence to assault and possibly kill her as His enemy... So why are so many supposed "Christians" doing that in today's world? This is not of God...

I used to sing Jesus Gave Her Water as a solo, although not so spirited as my Black spirited friends. I normally sing slowly, spelling out the words I want to share... Jesus Gave Her Water! THAT WAS NOT FROM THE WELL! Gave Her living Water...and sent her forth to tell.  That's a powerful message, isn't it? Jesus went to a woman who was not of his faith, perhaps not even a woman who spoke of a god... And she went away singing...came back bringing!

I am so saddened by what is well-known that the Evangelical Christians not only supported Trump...because he agreed to do what they wanted...and allowed Him to do anything He wanted thereafter. I am wounded for my friend Jesus, who went out across the country, sharing His Love, His Words... Why? I wonder, analyze, scream about, even, sometimes... Why? Is it part of His Plan?

I don't know... What I do know is that God does not need so called christians to bring about His plan. He is in Control. God One Human can know...

You know, I was going to do an entirely different angle for today's talk about being alive...You know,  I was going to talk about my health, and how books have affected my thinking... I even was going to talk about the first book that truly affected my life.

You Know, Folks (I know, I know, I did it on purpose, LOL) I believe that, having been created by Him, that Jesus takes us, just as we are! It's not about being white, or black, or "non-white" as they say these days... It's not about whether you believe in God, or not... It's about opening your heart and life to what is meant for you to be...I happen to believe that Jesus wants to speak to all of us and share His Love, no matter who you are or what race, religion, or nationality you happen to have been born into. So I'll share, but never condemn your own beliefs, sound fair?

But as my late beloved brother-in-law, Bill, used to say, "That's on Another Page, Sister..."

In the Meantime...Shall we Pray?

You Know (yes, I'm doing it on purpose, emulating who I believe is a man of God), and as I speak the prayer He taught us...I can't help by sing it...after all, He made me as I am...and Loves Me! Sharing my favorite Tenor, who sings the song like I would! 

God Bless!

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