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Linda Prather Brings New Trilogy Seeking Justice...or...Revenge by Female Lead Character!

Dave’s voice was soft, and I think he knew too. Five minutes passed, and I swallowed hard and hit the play button. “Ninety-nine shovels of dirt in the grave… ninety-nine shovels of dirt…”
All she had to do was hear the tune of the song...the words didn't matter even after so long... The tune and what my captor sang, changing the words to tell...his...story... At first, she almost always had a panic attack...after all, he had sung it as he was burying her alive... Still when they were called out for the latest murder scene, it seemed like it was all happening again... 

Kacy buried her feelings as much as possible, but Dave, her long-time partner, knew exactly what was going on...and she knew he would be there, especially, for this latest tragedy against a woman... She could tell herself that, but in time she realized that she had to deal with it for herself. But when her twin brother was murdered, her response went straight to her heart, her love, and the need for...revenge...

“Jesus, Kacy, it’ll be a bugger identifying this one.” Under normal circumstances, my partner, Dave Capello, would have had a point. The body had washed up from the icy depths of the Chicago River near the fork of Eleanor and Loomis, and the call had come in minutes before quitting time. Dave had wanted to ignore it. For once, I wished I’d listened to him.
A blowtorch had been used on the face, and all the fingers were missing. The angles of the arms and legs told me bones had been broken. I didn’t need the ME to tell me the identity. Nor did I need to see the small skull tattoo above his left ankle to verify it. 
Kyle and I had never shared the twin bond in life, but as I stared down at his tortured and mutilated body, I realized a part of me was missing. I’d never considered it a vital part—until now.
Police officers, firemen, and two other detectives from Cook County had responded to the call. Dave and I weren’t needed, and I had a lot to do before the commander took me off the case.
“Let’s go, Dave.” 
“What do you mean? We just got here.” 
I strode toward the Ford sedan parked at the edge of the street, with Dave huffing to keep up. 
"We’re off the case. The victim’s name is Kyle Lang. He’s my twin brother.” 
“Jesus.” Dave said that a lot, and at times, I wondered if it was a habit or a prayer for insight on bad cases. 
Perhaps he simply found it preferable to the trash that often came out of my mouth. Solving this case wouldn’t take a lot of insight. Kyle had been working with Chicago’s drug dealers, thieves, and murderers for over ten years. We’d both known since the day I graduated from the academy that one day, he would wind up on my beat, and I would have to arrest him, shoot him, or bury him. I took comfort from the fact it was the latter. Arresting him would have been hard and shooting him even harder.

Wow! This first book is awesome! Although I haven't had the chance to read all of Prather's books...yet... I stopped reading another great series to read this latest from one of my favorite authors. When I was into this book, I realized that the main characters, Kacy Lang, was a woman that I hoped to see in a lengthy series... In fact, I almost didn't start writing this review because I had really fallen in love with the next book in the series and didn't want to stop reading until I finished! That book, which I'll be telling you about soon has two main themes about which I have a somewhat avid interest--Christianity and the Native American culture.

Many women may have realized that many writers are creating some really bad-ass women who, although sometimes for revenge, but more so, to provide justice, are often out there doing the work of law officers or, when they've had problems with formal law actions, have gone out on their own... My first love for such a female came from J. D. Robb and the Death Series. So the title Prather shared reminded me of that body of fictional intrigue. I have to say, though, Prather has, perhaps, created a character that exceeds the Robb series,  since I haven't kept up with the Robb series. But, no matter how many writers I find, I never tired of reading about women fighting for justice, wherever and whatever it may be! Even more so in today's world! I may be against violence...but not if it is against criminals...

Sure, according to a few poor reviews on Amazon, it may seem unbelievable...if you have no idea how women are treated by the men of this world... Or maybe, if you do not realize that fiction is an escape into what the reader "wants" to have happen in real life. Yes, we know that justice often doesn't come through the efforts of law officers and the courts. 

In Sins of Edom, the latest novel written by Carl Brookins, he adds a set of professional retired investigators who are asked to help with the investigation of a double murder. In that book, the police were willing to work with them, especially since it was the church officers who requested it. There is an entire cozy amateur investigator world that many, many people, including myself love! So what if they aren't realistic...who cares that an individual who owns a bake shop is out there solving cases... Well, some would disagree and claim it is unrealistic... Again, imagination is such a powerful weapon, especially for women... 

We Want Justice... And if it is personal, as often it is...we are wanting revenge for the loss of a loved one... To me, this happens daily on the news as Black people are murdered on the streets by cops, and children are killed in schools and social event arenas, because of the proliferation and lack of control of guns! Find me one mother who, in lieu of the loss of a child, does not want that murderer...dead! So we seek out those types of books, no matter it couldn't happen in real life... We rejoice in seeing what is possible, even in somebody's imagination...

Seems fair, given that some men think nothing about going to war or even anywhere they want, purely because they like guns and want to kill... Statistically, I think America has more murders...than any other country...that are done outside of the military! I wish I could say that was unbelievable...

I want to talk about the two main characters... What I have seen from reading many different authors, almost all of them are uniquely drawn and presented for the strong emotions of love or hate... Kacy Lane was adopted. This first book doesn't go into much, except that she has no real family connection. Apparently the couple that adopted the twins did it to appear...normal, with a home life and children. Adopting children not wanted, for whatever reason, such as political, is heinous. It should not surprise most readers that she was barely involved with her parents. 

Her brother, he'd become estranged because of his connections with the criminal element--drugs and more... Kacy doesn't control her speech...I've never liked to hear women curse...but today's entertainment world thinks nothing about it. So, I overlook it, especially when the woman is in a male-dominated position and she's viewed not as a woman but as an officer...

But Kacy found that Kyle had many secrets that he had not even attempted to share with his twin...until it was too late... Readers learn about him as Kacy recognizes him as a murdered man for which she will need to be removed from the investigation... But she knows... She will be working the case! And she will not stop until she has revenge...and...justice!

Not many officers would want to have Kacy as a partner, but David, a long-time police officer chose her to become his partner. You'll immediately notice that they are completely in tune with each other. Often this happens between business partners who work closely together, protecting and supporting them. Each has learned the other's problem points and sometimes chips those issues to the point of frustration...but later...thankfulness... 

Dave is clearly a Christian... And it is not because of saying "Jesus" every time he wonders what Kacy is getting into now... The dialogues show it, but more, the way he treats those with whom he interacts, easily shows how good a man he is... Only one negative comment...I'll admit from personal experience, I don't think the author should have had so many different characters in the books call Dave, "Chubby." To me, this is demeaning if used by so many characters...even if the eating locations of the people are a major part where the team interacts. Too much of a good thing...for sensitive me...who has had weight issues all my life...Oh well...

On the other hand, between partners, Dave jabs Kacy quite often with issues she is sensitive not having a husband, no sex...and more... I've had those too...but funny, since I never had a real drive for marriage, those never bothered me...

I woke to the aroma of fresh coffee, opened one eye, and glanced at the bedside clock. Twelve thirty. Groaning, I rolled my legs off the bed, sat up, and cradled my head in my right hand. How the hell do people who drink do it? I had a massive lack-of-sleep hangover, and my head was pounding. I’d barely made it to bed and kicked off my shoes before passing out. 

I groaned again as Dave’s voice carried from the kitchen, singing a nineties rap song. I hate rap. What the hell is he saying anyway? Ego tripping? 

Dave was wearing my pink apron, swiveling his substantial backside, and flipping pancakes when I dragged myself to the kitchen.
His voice rose to a high pitch as he sang off-key. “I’m the life of da party.” 
“For God’s sake, Dave, shut up.” I walked to the counter for a much-needed dose of caffeine. 
“You’re waking the dead.”
He turned, a huge smile crossing the chubby features. “Good morning, beautiful. Breakfast is almost ready.”

Greg Stevens comes in as an officer that is supporting the team who is doing the investigation... We'll watch how he learns from the professional detectives and, soon, is ready to join their team, which he does in the next book. And if you notice, Greg and Kacy are doing some eye contact, even from the beginning... 

The plot twists and intrigue were enough to totally envelope me and keep my attention. It's complex, meaning I'm wagering you won't guess who the killer is...but, like I've often said...that's when I enjoy a suspenseful thriller, or mystery, most of all! 

Dishonorable Death coming next! 


ATTENTION: Alert: Watch for news on a new bi-partisan bill announced today to provide significant support to upgrading police agencies across the nation! Work to publicize and seek support for this bill. This evolved, partially, out of two police officers in Pennsylvania being killed on a domestic violence call.  Violence is increasing in America...due in part of incitement of violence over the last five years... Stop the Steal of our country by domestic terrorists of all kinds!

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