Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Poet Rory Fry Shares "None But Breeze" (Freedom of Recovery)!

"None But Breeze" (Freedom of Recovery)

I feel it coming on the breeze…

A wealth of shivers

Renews my identity

Harsh like a torrent

Licking my misery

Call it a balm
I call it “anemology”
Uncovering the ignorance in me

What can renovate the heartless
Still morgue strung with darkness?
None but breeze
None but Serenity
Sways the trees
And uncovers the forest of me

Turbines on the hill
Bend me to Your will
Childlike branches
Snap like evergreens
They bumble and burn
To tumble and turn

Call it a mystery
I call it “delivery”
Uncovering Wasteland me

My arms are pumice
My feet are clay
I fall from malice
A thousand times a day
None but breeze
Can refresh my fidelity
None but breeze
Brings me to my knees

Call it the calm
I call it “Sovereignty”
Uncovering the darkness in me

I feel it coming on the breeze
The freedom of recovery


About the author:
I am a simple man who loves to proclaim the Saving Message of Jesus Christ and the Healing Power of Recovery! I spend much of my time working with others and enjoying the presence of my wife Christina and son Rowen.

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