Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Visiting with Adolfo Caso Through Photography and Poetry...

Visiting Adolfo through his photography...
This rhododendron (I think) looks just like the azalea in my yard, just more red... The deer have been keeping my rhododendron from growing faster but it's steadily resisting its enemy...

And behind the bush as Adolfo wandered around...
Adolfo, you've made me want to get out and share my own beauties!


what are thou?
A Man
of yesteryear,
and tomorrow,
of your heart
                            of waveless seas
which we see not
or touch
and yet despair?


Buia e la caverna
ed ho paura di entrarvi
Vieni con me;
fammi  coraggio;
assieurarci la vita
e godere
il miracolo
d'un'altra scoperta

I will enter 

Dark and the cave
And I'm afraid to get in
Come with me; 
Let us live our lives
Give me courage; 
and enjoy
Of another discovery
the miracle*

*Water and Life has two sections of poetry, one of which is in Italian.
This translation was done by computer...

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