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Love Letters from God Introduces Biblical Women to Young Girls in Contemporary Bible Stories...

The Letter

Dear Friend,

How are you? I just had to send a note to tell you how much I care about you.
I saw you yesterday as you were talking with your friends. I waited all day hoping you would want to talk with me too. I gave you a sunset to close your day and a cool breeze to rest you - and I waited. You never came. It hurt me - but I still love you because I am your friend.
I saw you sleeping last night and longed to touch your brow so I spilled moonlight upon your face. Again I waited, wanting to rush down so we could talk. I have so many gifts for you! You awoke and rushed off to work. My tears were in the rain.
If you would only listen to me! I love you! I try to tell you in blue skies and in the quiet green grass. I whisper it in leaves on the trees and breathe it in colors of flowers, shout it to you in mountain streams, give the birds love songs to sing. I clothe you with warm sunshine and perfume the air with nature scents. My love for you is deeper than the ocean, and bigger that the biggest need in your heart!
Ask me! Talk with me! Please don't forget me. I have so much to share with you!
I won't hassle you any further: It is YOUR decision. I have chosen you and I will wait--

I love you. Your friend,

Love Letters from God:
Bible Stories for a Girl's Heart

By Glenys Nellist
Illustrated by Rachel Clowes

The First Girl
Genesis 3


God's Wonderful Words to You
I have made you.--Isiah 46:4

God clapped his hands in delight as Eve opened her eyes for the very first time. She was wonderful! After six days of creating the world--painting the skies, stirring the seas, and filling the earth with life--here was God's masterpiece, his glorious finishing touch to the world. Here was Eve, made by God's own hand. And she was good.

God smiled as Eve rose to her feet, grabbed Adam's hand, and ran barefoot through the garden. But someone else was watching Eve too. He was hiding quietly in the grass, watching and waiting for his chance to steal Eve's happiness. And one day, he made his move.

"Good morning, Eve," the slimy serpent whispered. "I'm going to try this delicious fruit for breakfast. Would you like some?"

"No," replied Eve. "I'm hungry, but that's the one fruit God told us not to eat. I can't stay in the garden if I eat that."

"Oh my goodness!" The serpent laughed. "You don't have to eat the whole thing! Surely God won't mind if you just try it?"

Even took the fruit. She had never held, smelled, or seen a more delicious fruit. She took a bit and then gave some to Adam. In that instant, Even knew she had done something terribly wrong. Now she would have to leave the Garden of Eden forever.

But before she left, God had a surprise for her. He was waiting at the gates to cover her with new, warm clothes. And as Eve walked away, she knew she was forever covered in God's love and forgiveness. God had made her, and she was good.
Your Love Letter from God...Dear Glenda, Can you imagine how thrilled I was when I saw Eve? She was the first first girl I made, and she made creation complete. Did you know I feel the same way when I see you? Just like I made Eve, I made you too--and everything I make is good. So remember this--even if you make some bad choices like Eve did, talk to me about it, I will cover you with my love and forgiveness, just like I covered Eve. You are good. I love you... Your Creater, GOD

Many years ago I was given or bought a plaque of The Letter--a letter from Jesus, to me, His friend... I had kept it near before I moved and it had been still boxed up for some time... Recently I found it--ironically--or maybe a God Incident-- around the same time I received Love Letters from God for review... What a delightful surprise to see that the book was written much like this favorite Letter that I had read and reread so many times!

There is an entire series, but I was so happy to have my first book to be the Bible Stories for a Girl's Heart... Both historically and in contemporary times, it is important, in my opinion, for young girls to learn about their being loved, having a friend who knows each of their names, and who promises to be with them at all times. That promise has sustained me through many years and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to highly recommend this book to all of you.

I wanted to at least share one of the stories on my blog so that the full extent of the book could be visualized... Check out the short book trailer available to see the wonderful presentation of the material. In the first story, we find Adam and Eve in the garden--a beautiful two-page spread showing those who were already there---rabbits, squirrels, sheep, butterflies, against the blue sky and surrounded with so many different flowers surrounding, of course, the Apple Tree...and the "slimy snake."

The story is written in easy, happily joyful words that correctly includes the basic story, but in a softer version... But somewhere on the page will be the Biblical reference as well! What a delight to have this alternate book to the Bible...Me, having my own experience with the King James Version, many years ago, found it was tedious and confusing--and quite scary... I believe this book, and certainly others, give a young child the awareness of Biblical history so that it becomes a part of their reading, but does not place the child into trying to understand a story that is well beyond their years in many ways... The emphasis is on Love...God's Love... 

On each page there is a little Love Letter which allows you to write in the child's name so that when she opens it, it is personalized and then it's just like getting a letter from God! I included my own story of getting such a letter and how I've cherished it over the years... Imagine, the young girl who will have the opportunity to first read a story, and then have God further explain it in a personal note too! A Delightful addition that makes this book, in my opinion, a step above--an opportunity for each reader to come to recognize that God...Jesus...and, later, the Holy Spirit...talks to each of us! 

There are fourteen different stories that shares about women of all ages, including the Widow's mite story from Luke 21: 1-4... Still, each is titled with a "girl" and in this case, is called "The Generous Girl. I didn't have any problem with that, for surely, we would realize that the Widow in her older years, would merely reflect the feelings she had when she was a younger girl. The stories include well known women including Esther, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Martha and Mary and Mary Magdalene who was the first person who saw Jesus at His Resurrection... The stories each share an one-word attribute about the Biblical woman which establishes how the reader can consider the girl in the story--The Servant Girl, The Hopeful Girl, etc. I was impressed with the detail, the carefully interpreted story line to make it suitable for young girls...

This book is definitely worthy to be added to your home library, but it's certainly also recommended that each reader be encouraged to continually read and think about the stories, perhaps with their mother who can answer questions, if raised.  I have to again emphasize the quality of the book, the attention given to detail, as well as the outstanding art work available to be enjoyed by readers--yes, readers of all ages, like I did... I think it is important to teach children in their early years, don't you? Let them get to know their Creator in this simply adorable book!


Although I live in Michigan, USA, I was born and raised in a little village in northern England.

I grew up in a big old house, with two wonderful parents and seven siblings. My dad was the one who introduced me to the gospel. My mum was the one who encouraged me to work with children.

And at primary school, my teacher was the one who urged me to write. One day a week, I was one of the lucky few withdrawn from the classroom to sit in big, comfy armchairs in the teachers' lounge. There, in front of a roaring log fire, with pencil and paper at the ready, I would write.

I never would have imagined that four decades later, I would be blessed enough to be an author of children's books, or be married to a wonderful husband, or be mum to four sons, and a grandma too. But of course, no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him. (1 Corinthians 2:9)

And to God, alone, be the glory.

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