Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Nellie Leverette Wasilewski Shares "Layla Lee" - A Child of Song and Dance!

Layla Lee

You confiscated my heart
child of song and dance.

Waltzing through 
transparent ribbons 
of imagination,

you held me steadfast 
and enthralled.
High spirited, full of energy
and free, you reminded me 
of me!
All the things you are, 
can and will be 
make you every inch 
the princess you become 
in make believe.

It's not your big blue eyes, or
your appreciation of beautiful 
things; but, rather,
your delightful gift of love 
with a vivacity
that enchants, surprises
and captivates.

Thank you so much, Nellie Leverette Wasilewski,
for visiting today!

When I read Layla Lee, a child of song and dance,
my immediate thought was to have Shirley Temple
be our Layla Lee - What do you think?!!!

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