Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Guest Blogger, Author and Artist, Jack Savage...on Working...

From On High

Hello, I appreciate the opportunity to share a little on Book Reader's Heaven...I offer these words today to other writers and artists because if you're lucky, a time will come when you can dedicate larger amounts of your time to these pursuits without worrying about getting up and going to work.

Seven Seconds

As Day Ended

It's called retirement and I've been enjoying it for seven years now. However, just prior to retiring and thinking I'd maybe work three more years or so, I found myself in a most prolific period of my life during which I wrote three novels, two short story collections, a non-fiction collection of musings and a very ill advised collection of my paintings and drawings, which if assembled today would contain less than an eighth of what passed for my best back then.

Bill and the Moon

Arctic Moon

Believe me when I say I am grateful for these accomplishments but at sixty-nine I feel I'm closer to death than you, with still a few things to say and with illustrations to go with them. In other words, I'm on the clock and not making the most of my opportunities. I've tried but after a bout with bronchitis a year ago, my muse flew out the window taking with her more than the bitch deserved I assure you. For me, it's interconnected. My first book became an excuse to design its cover, which got me drawing and painting again after many years.

After Hours Joint

A Direct Hit

I have three books ready to go that if I began again today, I could finish by the fourth of July but it's just not happening. In the past, if I was turning out quality paintings, I could say "Well, I'm just busier with this" but I don't have that to lean on anymore. Thank God for Facebook or what with online paying of bills, I wouldn't have the writing of checks to crow about. I should be angrier and I'm not, which makes me more frustrated still; and so I say, don't take your work habits for granted. They're more important than you know.
W. Jack Savage

W.Jack Savage is a retired broadcaster, artist and educator. He is a Vietnam Veteran and graduate of The University of Minnesota, Mankato and received his Master's Degree from California State University, Los Angeles. Jack has now added Imagination: The Art of W. Jack Savage to his collection of seven books: three novels, two short story collections and the autobiographical The High Sky of Winter's Shadows. To date, forty-five of Jack's short stories have been published in various online and print magazines. This includes all of them from his two short story collections, Bumping and Other Stories and The Petorik Thesis and Tales of the Global West. He has also designed the covers of his books using his original art work. Jack's art has been featured in numerous publications as well. As of this writing, two hundred and seventy-four of Jack's paintings and drawings have been published. Jack and his wife Kathy live in Monrovia, California.

Jack had written a comment on Facebook recently to which I responded and asked him to, maybe, share an article here at Book Readers Heaven. Some of you may be aware that I took Easter week for a Readathon--a needed break from routine... 

How do you handle a short (or longer) burnout? Do you have a work schedule that you follow closely, until you just...can't...do...anymore?

Many of you know that job burnout is the reason why I retired from the University... It took me quite a long time before I began to be interested in doing something substantial on a routine basis... My advice, let your body and mental health guide you...if you are used to working, your desire will indeed return... Don't push yourself and don't stress about it...

Do enjoyable things, listening to music, reading, maybe even travel a little. The best thing for me was to listen to music without words...Classical, or artists such as Yanni, Dino, and others who played instruments of all kinds... Important thing is to not force your mind into thinking that you've got to get back to work... It's not physically good for you and your body will know that...

Think good thoughts for Jack! As you can see his artistic and writing skills are high and provide enjoyment to others... 

Thanks for sharing, Jack, and please do stop by here to let us know how you are doing... And, by the way, I'm older than you and not even thinking about stopping doing what I love to do...👵


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