Sunday, May 21, 2017

Poet Rory Fry Presents "Chase The Light" (With Complementary Music)

Chase The Light

You've called us from the darkness 
Of sins feigned delight
To offer up devotion
And chase the light

In humble adoration
Through Your awesome might
We can face the ages
And chase the light

Our weapons forged anew
Our strategies revised
To better testify
As we chase the light

This our one ambition
To glorify the Christ
Our crosses hoisted upright
As we chase the light

The call to long endurance
Effectually ignites
Creating faith from indifference 
So we can chase the light

We've known the lash of estrangement 
In our once futile minds
Your bludgeoned body was the payment
So we can chase the light

The call to saving faith 
Runs ever deep and wide
Streams of ineffable grace
Draw us to chase the light

About the author:
I am a simple man who loves to proclaim the Saving Message of Jesus Christ and the Healing Power of Recovery! I spend much of my time working with others and enjoying the presence of my wife Christina and son Rowen.

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