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John R. Beyer, Guest Blogger, Author of Operation Scorpion, Review Coming...

​A rogue military officer believing he can hide nuclear waste beneath the very eyes of his commanders while a retired cop is on the case. No way, Frank Sanders, an ex-homicide cop working on a missing person case privately for a gorgeous client discovers what's going on. What happens next is thrilling and dangerous. Killings, searching and the finality lets the reader in on what could be a true event in this common world's reality.
​Terrorism is here - and unfortunately it is not going away and it takes a stout heart and ernest cop to make sure it stops where it can be stopped. Frank Sanders is that person along with many characters - good and bad - who assist him.

John R. Beyer – Operation Scorpion

As a writer I try to stay apolitical but certain aspects of what is in the mind of the writer politically may come through that of his or her characters. Everyone has a certain belief system and it does at times leak into the story being told, intentionally or otherwise. 

Characters – if they are strong characters will speak their minds as they move through the pages of a novel. A conservative character will speak and act as a conservative whereas a liberal character will do the same. It is what makes characters more real for the reader.

Since two of my three novels deal with terrorism – Soft Target more so than Operation Scorpion – there is the underlying theme that terrorist attacks, domestic or radical Islamic may be the new norm for Americans. This cannot be rationally refuted given the Boston Marathon, Fort Hood, Orlando, and San Bernardino to name but a few attacks that have shaken the very core of American values. 

The United States and the rest of the world live in uncertain times which may call for stronger measures to keep citizens safer.

With President Trump as the 45th President and under intense scrutiny for his tweeting and off-the-cuff remarks about radical Islamic terrorists the times are definitely uncertain. Uncertain on where he will lead this country in the fight against terrorists – homegrown or international. Uncertain if some of the measures to be utilized will lead to testing the limits of the constitution when dealing with citizens. Uncertain if expelling illegal aliens will do anything to keep the country safer. 

The uncertainty is uncertain as the United States enters into a totally new style of leadership from this President – a businessman and entertainer, now the Commander in Chief.

Border security is a must and has been severely lacking for decades as indicated not just from those crossing illegally seeking a better life, but a far more serious one is the drugs, guns and human trafficking. Most countries maintain secure borders and why the United States should be different is hard to explain to the majority of Americans.

Will President Trump ‘fix’ the intelligence agencies for leaks and not locating ‘would be terrorists’ or will things continue to go the way they have been? Then again – these agencies are the best in the world, so is there anything wrong with them in the first place or is it fodder for the news agencies? If the facts are to be believed, then the FBI and CIA –along with local law enforcement agencies – have thwarted dozens upon dozens of potential attacks against American citizens.
With terrorist attacks reported around the world on a nearly daily basis there is a certain numbness which seems to be creeping into the subconscious of humanity. 
Of course, there is sadness when reading or hearing of the killing of innocents by those perversely indoctrinated into believing those killings warrant a heavenly reward, but humans move on since that is how we cope in order to survive. We can’t dwell too long on the unpleasantness of death of innocents or it could be full-time mourning as often as it does occur.

So, will President Trump make America safer? We should, in this writer’s opinion, all hope so and turn the tide against the terrorists terrorizing the world’s people. Politics aside – things in the terror community have not gotten better over the last decade or more. Perhaps a little uncertainty is what is needed now to make certain American civilians and those of our neighbors on this floating ball in space are safer. And perhaps motivate our leaders to take decisive actions.

Former street cop, training officer and member of SWAT John Beyer has been writing most of his life. He’s traveled to at least 23 countries (and was actually shot in the head in Spain in 2000 during a march between Neo Nazis and Communists two days after running with the bulls in Pamplona). He was caught in a hurricane off the coast of east Baja (Bahia de los Angeles) while kayaking and lived to tell about it. Essentially, it’s hard to tell where experience leaves off and fiction takes over. You’ll want to read his books.

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Border Patrol??

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