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Classically Exposed - A Short by Lexi Lauderdale

Within all of the different tales she read,
there was a common thread:
 every single woman left her experience feeling
appreciated, and sexier than ever before.

After a quick stop at her house for some much-needed accessories, Catherine arrived at the S.A.C. studio and met the artists that would give her the look she needed for her night out: three excited young girls named Jamie, Allison, and Paula. They did some quick introductions and Catherine stepped out of her clothes onto a drop cloth in the middle of the floor. After a few glasses of wine and some great mix CDs, the four women were satisfied with the end result: Catherine clad in a painted replica of a man’s  tuxedo. The jet black paint for the lapels did a great job of hiding her nipples – along with the black pasties the girls cut out of latex and painted. Although the approving nods of the young artists were definite signs of a job well done, Catherine nearly ran to the nearest mirror, grabbing the bag of accessories on the way to the dressing area across the studio. She squealed with delight when she saw the product. The current fashion trend had brought back the androgynous look for women in men’s formal wear, and the suit cut to have these days fit snug and slim. It would make complete sense for Catherine to be seen in a suit like this, and anyone who wasn’t paying close attention would see her merely as another pretty girl doing what Vogue told her to do. She reached into her bag and slipped on the black heels and bow tie she brought along. Wow, even better, she thought. 
Jamie brought over a black overcoat. “Here,” she said, as she motioned to Catherine to let her help her into the coat. “You have to borrow this. This will help keep you warm when you need to, and it will help strengthen the illusion of a real suit.”

Not to be done in by a challenge so early in the evening, Catherine took off her coat and draped it over the aisle seat. That left her sitting right next to the depressed husband, who finally noticed her when she slid into her seat. Catherine wasn’t paying attention to the man much anyway. In a room full of hundreds of people, Catherine was completely exposed, on display for anyone willing to take a look and expect something a little more than the mundane. She said hello to the husband next to her, who smiled back with a terse “hello.” His eyes darted everywhere except her face. As she settled in, Catherine could feel the labored breathing of the living statue next to her quicken a bit. She knew that the husband could be onto her at any second, but he was far too reserved – or turned on – to say anything.


Classically Exposed: 

An Exhibitionist Story 

By Lexi Lauderdale

Classic erotica has traditionally a short, to the point story that, shall we say, meets the reader exactly where they want to go... With this 14-page short, Lauderdale adeptly does exactly that for her readers. First she introduces her main character. Catherine. (I chose beautiful, sexy, Catherine Zeta-Jones to play her part...)

Her college years and her twenties were full of much of the same – casual date partners who made their best attempts to woo her to bed. She appreciated their attention and advances, but when the ritual took them to the bedroom, Catherine left feeling unfulfilled. Sex was just a physical act, and she knew that finding someone to climb on top of you was about the easiest feat a human could accomplish.
Basking now in the confidence of her early thirties, Catherine realized that she needed more – a mental connection that transcended the ordinary girl-meets-boy storyline every fairy tale teaches people to want. Instead of being the hunted, Catherine decided to explore the art of seduction from a new angle.

Catherine had opened herself up to sexual encounters, with the backseat high school with a football player activity being the first. Then on into college years... It seems that she was not too impressed with those that wanted to climb on top and get on with it... Can't really blame her for that...

But now beginning her 30s, she wanted to try another type of seduction...and even did her research on her chosen fetish...

And then she prepared for it, first practicing at home, considering what she might actually do. Then she chose the day and started to get ready for work like she always did, except...

The seconds went by like minutes, 
and after what felt like an hour,
 Catherine lifted her head up
 and closed her legs.
 She smiled at the accountant –


Usually when Catherine dressed for work or a date, she just thought about making herself pretty. But as she gave herself one last look in her full-length mirror that morning, something was different. Before stepping out of her bedroom, Catherine was excited about the little secret she had under her skirt. She would walk by hundreds of people on her way to the office today; none of them realizing that there was only a only a thin piece of Italian cotton between them and her already-aching clit. It made her feel powerful and sexy all at the same time. That first morning without underwear was full of discovery for Catherine. Every time she went to grab a cup of coffee from the break room or was pulled into a meeting to take notes, she couldn’t help but grin to herself. I can’t believe how great this feels, she thought. I’m practically naked, and no one has any idea! ...The morning soon led into the midday – lunchtime.

In all of her years of being wanted by men – all the flowers and candy, all the dating... – Catherine had never been more turned on as she was after that encounter. It was as if she was watching herself from outside her body; the sensation was so new to her that she simply had no comparison. Her body was on fire.

This short story is well written and attracts the reader's attention through the titillating flavor of the story rather than being overt in actual sexual activity. Other than a brief encounter that was more for the benefit of the man watching, there is actually no meeting of bodies... Although I must admit that the man in the upper right corner is portraying the "accountant" in my mind as he joins Catherine in her future adventures...

(By the way, the selection of Bolero was mine; there is no reference to the exact music played at the theatre...)

It's fun, sexy, and explores exhibitionism in a manner that elicits reader response. In my opinion, the reader has done a fantastic job in sharing a potential fantasy sexual experience... 

For those who enjoy erotic fiction, this is an exceptionally well done fantasy... Kudos to the author...


Lexi Lauderdale is an author of contemporary erotic fiction. A lifelong lover of all things taboo, Lexi's passion is entertaining her readers with fun, naughty tales. After receiving a degree in English Arts from a college in her home state of South Carolina, she married her handsome high school sweetheart. They now reside in a beach side house along with their two dogs: Sable and Brownie. When she's not writing, Lexi enjoys going to hot yoga class, checking out local art shows, and having friends over for elaborate meals. Get in touch with Lexi or follow her new and free promotions at

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