Tuesday, March 14, 2017

All the Stars by Alexandra Psaropoulou - A Graphic Explosion of Poetry!

“……..The designs are intrinsically part of the whole serving to reinforce the cosmic, elemental and lived part of the poetic journey towards spiritual fulfillment."

The entire book is provided as Authorized by the Author! Relax and sit back, Enjoy!

"And the power bursts forth And the vision is above And you want to live it 
To live it all."
I enjoyed this as background while I read on...

Our lives spring up as does a flower for its season. The plant has only one goal, to arrive, knowing that death follows...But we humans have a longer life cycle and we look toward the future not just to physically grow, but to share our lives, to be more than we think we can be, and we dream of those possibilities....

This is the first time I am writing my review as I read the book that was shared with me...First, the magnitude of the graphic display can be absorbed just for its beauty. Each line, each swirl, each spiral speaks it own language as our eyes take each separate presentation in. Do we continue through the book looking just at the graphics, or do we read the bit of words that accompany that display? I chose the latter. I wanted to read the words and merge those words with the graphic background. What was the connection between the two?

Sometimes the pictures were background support for the words, needing no further thought. But, this reader grappled to find, though knowing I could not, just exactly what was in the artist's mind as she created each different page... It seemed I couldn't leave it alone...There had to be a connection of the specific line or twirl that was made to that of the words on the page.

But in the end, it really didn't matter because the writer was telling us the story, wasn't she? Her desire, her wants, her needs are spread before readers...She seems to not ever be satisfied; she should be doing more...

Yet there is an expectancy, a need to reach for more--what does it take to be totally happy, with no reason to do anything for anybody, no reason to do anything but what you want to do... Can we ever reach that point, in just one life?

Each of us will read this book differently. I in my senior years look back on what I did as this writer does. I can feel completely different from her words even, different, than the author might have intended. Because the words spoke to me, alone. I know that much has been reached in my life, but as my active book reading and reviewing bears witness, I keep on keeping on... But I am no longer searching. I believe in what exists right now and I am content. And in the end, only one thing comes to mind to be happy.

Thinking about your life? Your past? Your future? Check out the words, All the Stars, by Alexandra Psaropoulou. Or just choose this book as a coffee table book for your friends to pick up and enjoy...or give it as a gift. I thoroughly enjoyed everything--the graphics, the words, the inspiration of what is being discussed. And I thank the author for sharing her work at Book Readers Heaven! You can see for yourself how you relate to the poetic story! Highly recommended!


Alexandra Psaropoulou was born on the 12th August 1966 in Athens, Greece in the year of the horse of fire. At the age of 16 she went to England to continue her studies at St. Mary’s in Wiltshire and Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge. She lived in Paris for a year and New York for a year, before returning to Greece to settle. Her father was a renowned poet and author and had a very well-known,
successful publishing company in Greece. Her mother was a ballet dancer and ballet critic and teacher as well as president of the Dance Union in Greece. Her brother is a well-known journalist working for CNN and Al Jazeira. Her family social circles, ever since a little girl, were rich with artists, writers and academics. She lives with her husband Takis Fakinos, a classical guitar soloist, and four children outside of Athens by the sea and works as an English teacher. She has published six books in Greece. Alexandra has been writing and illustrating books ever since she was nine years old, publishing her first book at the age of twenty, and evolving her poetic and designing style ever since. Flo Conway, chief editor of Stillpoint Press in New York recommends “Alexandra as a visual, poetic artist and personality on the cutting edge of a young, new

global sensibility.”

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