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A Perverse Political Atmosphere - Excerpt from Let's Make Our World Better by Warren William Luce

Congress in Session
A Perverse Political Atmosphere

The words politics, political, and politician have a negative connotation that implies scheming, sleaziness, and even dishonesty. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines politician as a word often used derogatorily with implications of seeking personal gain and of a schemer as distinguished from statesman.

You've heard of the "sleaze factor." It's a phrase coined by a major news magazine referring to the political payoffs and influence peddling in Washington, D.C. Surely, you have seen the polls that rate respect and trust by profession with
politician at or near the bottom of the list? Will Rogers has said that we have the best congress money can buy. Even on of their own referred to himself and his colleagues as "gutless" for failure to do the right things. Richard North Patterson, in his marvelous novel, Balance of Power, speaks of the "sheer cowardice of politics" and rightly so.

The two political parties are polarized and generally unwilling to compromise in solving the serious problems that confront our nation. There is frequently a state of quarrelsome disagreement between the administration and Congress, who are vying for power and political advantage. They don't seem to care about the tremendous damage they're inflicting on the country and the people.
The're serving special interest groups and playing partisan politics for the purpose of gaining re-election support, power, and material possessions. Their priorities in government are self, special interests, their party, and lastly, the good of the country.
The bottom line is political expediency and a greater interest in their own well-being than that of the country as a whole. Their differences on issues are not because they're true ideologues but because they're scheming politicians vying the power.
It's time for some strong language. We, the people, are damn sick and tired of the traitors in Congress destroying our country. Treason is defined as betrayal of a trust, impairing the well-being of a state to which one owed allegiance or the crime of aiding and abetting an enemy of the state.
Surely, the members of Congress have betrayed the trust given to them to us, the people, to govern honestly, wisely and efficiently. Without a doubt, they have harmed the well-being of our country with their dysfunctional behavior and their refusal to work together to solve our country's problems. One of our worst enemies, even more so that terrorism, is our rapidly mounting national debt and the unsustainable annual deficits. They're clearly aiding and abetting that enemy by deliberately refusing to compromise on curbing spending and increasing revenue so as to balance the budget. Unquestionably, by definition, they are guilty of treason...

I'm getting a little carried away here out of frustration with politics and what the politicians are doing to our country. Therefore, in accordance with my philosophy of being kind and showing love to others, I have to say that it isn't entirely the fault of the individual politicians. They're good, decent people most of the time just like the rest of us. Of course, they love their country. But it seems that when they get into their political mode, that self-interest comes to the fore, their integrity suffers and they become willing to do almost anything to stay in power.
We, the people, must share the fault. By our votes, we pressure them to be everything to everyone, and we want our share, which is usually more of the "pork." Hence, to keep our vote, they employ their spend-spend-spend authority. Groups of us pressure them through the lobby process to get our way. The corporations and wealthy exert heavy pressure to have it their way. They're caught up in the inefficient, divisive, and even corrupt political party system. Often, their personal tendency to do the "right thing" is thwarted by having to be loyal to what the party dictates. Still, if they exercised the integrity that they should, those practices would stop, and they would always put the good of the nation and the people first.
We, the people, must give them better guidance by both our vote and correspondence when they get in office as well as doing the "right thing" ourselves. Let's get one thing straight right up front. They seem to think they're in charge. They are not. We, the people, are! They need to write that down! They suffer the delusion of importance, power, and indispensability when they're but servants the hired help. They are dispensable and can be replaced. However, about ninety percent of the incumbents are reelected, and in that, we're sending them the wrong message...

We understand that it can be very difficult at times. That's when the other principle "the majority rules," comes into play. They need to understand that the great majority in our country is the middle of the roaders, the moderates, and not those on the left or right. They are entitled to be heard, but because they're often antagonistic and uncooperative, their goals of only having it their way cannot be considered. The majority rules.

We, the moderates, believe in the work ethic, which is something that they need to pay more attention to...Frequent recesses, especially when they have so much work to do for the country, is dereliction of duty. That's damn serious, people.

We strongly believe in living with our means. We, the majority, have conservative values but are also compassionate and see the need for entitlements. We believe every American, every human being, indeed, is entitled to the basic needs of life--food, shelter and health care. But we also believe Americans aren't entitled to be freeloaders in those respects or behave irresponsibly at the taxpayers' expense. There is a great deal of that in our society, and they need to address that problem.

Our Founding Fathers were dead set against political factions, warning that they breed corruption and deceit. How right they were. Yet, we accept politics as a normal and essential function of governing. We need to change that perception. Political parties aren't necessary or desired for a well-functioning government...

We need an "American Spring," a revolution in how things are done there in Washington, D.C. Show that you love your country, and do what's right for the country...Make history as the Congress that rises above politics, really cares, and does what's right for America. And when you do what's right for America, it will be good for the world.

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