Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Black History Month Debate...Sorry Not Recommended for Average Reader...

The topic is why I chose to read this book...but I found I must disagree with the book blurb. This book may be indeed excellent for students of debate; however, for general consumption, it is extremely tedious and hard to follow. The book is written as if you were attending a debate session. With that, you would see the involved people and get to know their positions on the debate. Moving from one position to another, together with the very, very formal presentation of partner recognition prevented me to grab hold of the respective positions of the two. In fact, if I were to judge, I would think that each made a quite adequate position on the topic...ending in what you might call a tie.

As an average reader, I was unable to obtain sufficient new data from either to make a definite decision. To me, then, the debate was an unsatisfactory methodology... I recognize that this may not be the true purpose of a debate... That's why I can't recommend it for consumption without recognizing the reality of the presentation.

My personal view, without the benefit of reading this book, but led by its content, is that there is insufficient historical texts to allow sufficient coverage of Black History. In fact, that is true for every race. It would be impossible to present the volume of material in texts, although I do agree that more non-White unbiased material should be included. This to me though does not change my opinion of Black History Month (regardless of the time period) I admire that those within the race care enough about their history to want to bring it to the public. Others do it, even if differently...and that does not negate why Black History should not be celebrated... In other words, both things should be done...Just my opinion, of course.


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