Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Delightful Coloring and Activity Book Complements BEEMORE BREAKTHRU

I was delighted to learn that Oneeka Williams had created a complementary coloring and activity book to go with her outstanding Children's Book, BEEMORE BREAKTHRU!

You would never guess what I was most excited about... Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo and two of her friends, Marky Medicine Bad and Kyle, have been made into paper dolls! Such a gift of flashback memories when paper dolls were a very important part of play life for little girls... Inside are additional outfits to be worn. And I was pleased to see that all of Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo's medical friends were included as well...

But let's go on to the pages concerning Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo's BEEMORE BREAKTHRU...

Hopefully you already have the main book...so you can match the coloring pages with individual pages...you may even want to color the pages just like they are in the main book, or experiment with different colors...

But first, readers get to meet all of the family first...

Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo, Girl Super Surgeon, was born with super powers from electrical energy. She fixes any problem with her gifted hands and has a team that goes with her on her missions. Her home is the Island of Positivity, where she lives with her parents and extended.

You'll meet Grandma B, Granddad Willy, Aunty Vandra, Uncle Huebs, Mommy and Daddy Dynamo, Lukas, and Jakey
(and get to color them too!)

The life cycle of the bees has been repeated and as you color, you will be able to study the steps of the life of each bee...We all know, now, how the phrase "busy as bees" was started! 

Then we get to work a crossword puzzle...but it's all based upon what has been taught in the book...another test, fun, but still a test...😡 But, not to worry because the answers are provided and you'll be able to still keep on learning about those busy bees...

A bit of science coloring is provided when the various parts of a bee are provided...the antenna, wing, stinger...and, did you remember that bees have two stomachs? No matter what page, there is always something more to be learned...For instance, do you know how many Queen Bees there are in each hive?

There are word search puzzles, searching through a maze to find nectar, and all other sorts of games to help readers learn about the world of bees. Why, you even get to color the Bee Cake that appeared in the main book...together with all the people who attended the neighborhood party!

Governor Andy Charles, Governor of the Island of Positivity, even presented Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo and the Team with the Highest Medal of Service and a big Thank You... The Beemore Breakthru had been a success on the Island...All of the Bees had become BEEROES! Do you know what that could mean?

You'd better be practicing up your coloring while you wait to get this book, because the pages are very detailed and you'll want to be sure to color within the lines, right? But, most of all, have fun and enjoy this additional book, provided by Oneeka Williams, M.D. just so you'll have an opportunity to make learning about bees something that you'll spend time working on day after day... 

Highly recommended as a complementary book to the BEEMORE BREAKTHRU book , or even as a standalone... Best, in my opinion, having both...one for your long-term library and one to play and learn the material...


Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo is truly the embodiment of everything I hold dear. She is caring, dynamic, energetic, positive powerful, spunky and believes that she can do anything. She heals with her hands and brings surgery and science together...and she loves her family.

--Dr. Oneeka Williams, Top Harvard Educated 
Urologic Surgeon and Author

Out January 3rd!
See my review of Hardback Copy

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