Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Tribute to Autumn With Regis Auffray

Permission to Use Poetry Given...

Autumn Wind

The autumn wind is playful
He makes the leaf fairies joyful
He chases them here and there
Lifting their skirts in the air
He plays with the wind chimes
Composing his own rhymes
Through the blustery day
He continues to play
Until tired at last
Happy he’s had a blast
He makes his departure
For another venture
Now the forest is still
The night air has a chill
Reminding one and all
That winter will not stall
Thus enjoy the season
For that very reason

© Copyright 2015 Regis Auffray

Autumn Tears

Leaves like autumn tears
Fall endlessly to the soil
A carpet of gold

It’s a sad refrain
Heard from the song of the rain
Falling on the roof

Autumn has arrived
With the wind as maestro
Symphony of storm

In the autumn woods
The fairies have begun to paint
The leaves of the trees

Golden days of fall
Give way to days of silver
As November fades

High on the mountains
A light dusting of new snow
Promises winter

There is restlessness
On the outer edge of fall
Where winter awaits

The birds have fled south
Winter has begun his siege
The woods are silent

By the frozen pond
The wind is playing a harp
In the brittle reeds

Just before the snow
There is a scent in the air
An expectation

A sudden snow squall
A disarray of snowflakes
Usher in winter

© 2011 RĂ©gis Auffray

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