Sunday, December 25, 2016

O Cheery Night, Poetry by Jennifer Anne F. Messing - Review Coming

O Cheery Night! 

O cheery night!

Full of festive delights, 
Tender memories from 
Christmases gone by 
held so tight. 
Cookies, breads, and pies
 leave contented sighs; 
As carols heard warm the night— 
Voices sweet, so soft, so high. 

O cheery night!
 Gala of sounds and sights 
Evergreens adorned, all aglow—
 Topped with angels
 robed in white. 
Ribboned presents, 
candy, and cards 
Sent with love across miles, 
Bringing tidings of His Son— 
His promised gift, 
the holy Christ-child. 

O cheery night!
Full of His might,
 Full of His grace,
 joy, and hope 
Ever burning, ever bright.
 Welcoming, foretelling
 Of new blessings, 
next year in store— 
For those who have
 knelt at His feet 
To worship and adore.

Review Coming...

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