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The Power of Words Presented by Dr. Chanda Pilgrim

God Said Words Have Power

The concept that words have power is becoming very popular. Have you heard of "The Secret?" Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy? Many churches and other religious institutions, along with mainstream figures such as Oprah, Deepak Chopra, are teaching that our thoughts are powerful and that our words create our reality. This thinking is not new, in fact it is very old and has been written about in many religious texts.
The power of words is discussed several times throughout the Bible. In John First Chapter it said "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God..."

Leaving Lack and Limitation;
Revealing Balanced Abundance
Vol. 1 - The Power of Words

By Chanda Pilgrim, PhD

My favorite new
phrase is "What
you think of me is
none of my
--T.C. Whittaker
Dr. Chanda Pilgrim was born and raised in Queens New York. She started her college career at SUNY Buffalo and graduated with her Bachelor's in Psychology from SUNY Stony Brook. She went on to receive her MSEd. in Counseling Psychology and PhD in School Psychology from Fordham University. Her career started working at a Special Education pre-school doing evaluations for children in 1994. She went on to work for 8 years in the NYC Public Schools as a guidance counselor. In 2006 she moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia where she started off as a guidance counselor and moved on to work as a Licensed Psychologist.
Dr. Pilgrim, has a passion for helping others that stems back to a volunteer position she held at United Cerebral Palsy when she was still in High School. Currently she believes she is on a mission to heal the world. This starts with waking people up to the truth of who they are. She believes that God has created us in HIS image and as such we have power to co-create our future. She describes like you would choose your own ending of a book, where the framework is created by God, but we write the details, with the apparently endless options we have been given.  

After feeling like she was not making enough of a difference, she asked God for a bigger platform to heal the world. Within 4 months of asking, she published The Power of Words, the first volume in her series of books: Leaving Lack and Limitation: Revealing Balanced Abundance. This book, and the series teach others about how to create what they want in their lives with the words that they speak, instead of talking lack and limitation into our lives, as we are often in the habit of doing. The following books teach how lack shows up in people's lives and teaches you to recognize the thought habits that may have been keeping you stuck. Dr. Pilgrim is excited to be on this journey with you to creating a truly abundant world.


As most of you know, when I receive a nonfiction book to review, I immediately seek out the credentials of the author. I have over many years read hundreds of psychology-oriented as well as religious inspiration and teaching books, most of them when I first started working: Dale Carnegie, Thomas Harris among my favorites, versus those spiritual books that were routinely read and, many times, geared toward a specific lesson to be learned.

Rarely have I discovered a book by a psychologist that combined what she had learned with her religious training. There were none that I found of significant value...

Pilgrim quickly shares that she is writing this series as she, herself, is experiencing it. Of course, she has all the necessary educational experiences to work as a practicing psychologist. But now, she has moved forward in the search to merge her faith in God within her learned practice. I believe she has successfully begun that in this, her first short book. While it is only 50 pages, there is much to be learned. I read it first through, and then began again to read...and learn to apply...

What things so ever you desire, when
you pray, believe that you receive
them, and you shall have them.
Mark 11:24
Most of the psychological principles are not new. What is, is that these principles are shared through the author's personal experiences or short examples, as well as...God's words... It should be noted that the author uses different versions of His Word in helping explain the correlation with the psychological principles.

I found this little book worth much more than many other, longer texts, just because this book allows me to consider what is being said from my own personal belief values...

It is my personal opinion that Dr. Pilgrim allowed her  own faith to guide her in writing the book. At the same time, it is clear that she has researched/read much about spirituality as well as her educational experiences. I can easily support and recommend this book...

We have all learned that God is Powerful, but have we taken it to the point where we "understand" the power of those words? There are many scriptures to help us understand what is available... when we pray. But are our prayers answered? Pilgrim discusses why they may not be...

Next she moves on: Science Says Words Have Power...and demonstrates it through the words of Dr. Emoto, a Japanese scientist, now famous for illustrating the power of words:

Dr. Emoto, a Japanese scientist, did a now famous study illustrating the power of words which are documented in his book The True Power of Water. He exposed words in song, printed, spoken, pictures and video to water and showed what happened to it once it became crystallized. Words such as love, gratitude, hate, and "you make me sick," among others were used. Music was also used. Classical music, like positive love filled words, created pretty crystals, while anger, hatred and heavy metal music showed crystals that were deformed and in some cases actually broken. Amazingly a picture of a heart, transformed the water crystal into what looked like a heart...

Non-verbal communication is used by all of us, even when we don't realize it...and it is based on the intent behind our words... I immediately recognized her example of when people say "wonderful." When our intent is to be happy or congratulatory, we enthusiastically say, "Wonderful!" but if we learn something that does not agree with our wishes, we might say... "wonderful..." with our voice low to show our aggravation or anger."  

Moving on to the interaction between words and intentions, she quickly catches readers' attention, by referring to an amazing healing, purely by...words...

Specifically, that a cancer patient had three Chinese doctors surrounding the patient's bed, while holding the intention that the tumor would shrink...they created the feeling in their body that it was already done and they chanted "already happened..." They never touched her body...

Do we call these miracles? Or do we acknowledge the wonderful advancement of science in the area of healing?  Why not both? In this first book, Pilgrim clearly sets us on a path to follow...the path she has chosen for herself...just like the lonely pilgrim that each of us might be, and about whom I've sung so many times because the song spoke so much to me...
...You may not be interested in all the research out there that shows the connections between songs, mood, vibration and emotions. I will spare you the details, but just know that as humans, we are sensitive to things around us. We are affected by the moon, the planets, and the energy that comes from the computer, the television, and our phones. Some people are so sensitive that they can see, hear or even feel the changes in their environment.
I have learned that children these days are more sensitive than previous generations. One author claims that it is that sensitivity to the environment and to others that causes the super emotionality that we see, the anger that seems almost out of control with some of our youth...What if we could calm their environment...

It is the time in our present world when we must use all that is within us to move forward, in God's footsteps... The Power of Words has helped me pull the study of science together with the Words of God...and what it truly means that "In the beginning was the Word..." There is Power in Words if we but learn now to use it... Highly Recommended...


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