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Spotlighting Cary Allen Stone's Jake Roberts Series - Latest - After the Kill! Top Favorites to Begin the Year 2016!

"I have investigators swarming his North Phoenix residence now. The house was a mess, broken glass everywhere. They found his laptop. It had some insights into what might have been going through his head. His phone records show he called the V.A. repeatedly, left voicemails asking for help. They never returned his calls," Hart said.
"Other than the calls to the V.A., he stayed off the grid," Kelly said.Jake's pent up emotions went ballistic. "You know, we take young men and women who are at the start of exciting lives, and we train them to kill. We send them to some screwed up country still living in the Dark Ages, and tell them to make it right. We keep sending them back. They trust us, so they believe in the mission. After the trauma and the killing, they come home stripped of their humanity, their bodies damaged, and broken. They have no limbs to guy with, no legs to walk proud on. When they come home, there is no home. We don't take their phone calls? He 'was just a pissed off soldier with PTSD," Special Agent Kelly? Really? Maybe he felt he didn't fit in anymore. Maybe he felt abandoned. I know personally what that feels like."
Kelly and Hart politely excused themselves and headed back to Gina. Before they got ten feet, Jake spoke out.
"Was it worth it? Was today--the dead and the wounded--worth some bureaucrat not returning a phone call?" Jake asked.
"No,, of course not, and all we did today was react. Maybe, someday, Congress will give them the help they all deserve. Maybe Sky Harbor will be the wake up call. Right now, is there anything we can get for you? Kelly asked.
"No, Agent Kelly, unless you can perform a miracle to keep Fred alive..."

After the Kill:
A Jake Roberts Novel

By Cary Allen Stone

Stone begins his fourth explosive novel by honing in on the plight of soldiers who come home from war... Many in the United States are quick to point out atrocious behavior in other countries and cry out for action--starting by sending American troops into enemy territory! War is profitable--it is easy to declare action be taken...

But America does not take care of those whose lives they've destroyed by sending them into battle... Eric Sutherland was just one of those soldiers who had come home and finally cried out for help in the only way he felt could make his point... he covered his body with explosives and headed for an airport...

"No more. I can't do it anymore." Dying was the answer, when you ran out of options. Either someone else pulled the trigger, or you did. He had seen the ice cold, boney finger pointed at him at least a hundred times. He loved his country, and the Special Forces soldier proved it during three back-to-back tours in Iraz and two more in Afghanistan. He was their go-to-gy for explosives. The other soldiers he served with said he was the bravest man in the country. His commanding officer recommended him for the Medal of Honor for his actions in one ambush attack. He alone saved his unit, but he refused to accept the commendation. He took a direct hit to his psyche sometime during his last tour. It fucked him up... Eric Sutherland made hundreds of calls to an unanswered phone in the V.A. Hospital. He left as many messages and begged to see a psychiatrist, or someone to help him quiet his demons, and nightmares. He believed he was possessed by the devil PTSD. The V.A. never returned his calls. When he walked in the front doors, he was given an appointment six months away. He knew he couldn't keep the demons locked out that long. After another night of cold-sweat nightmares, Eric sat on the edge of the bed. He knew what he had to do. The scenario had run repeatedly through his thoughts for weeks. He showered, shaved, and dressed in his desert combat fatigues, with boots on his ground. The suicide vest he had prepared days earlier went over the camo...

Fred and Jake were both involved in the attempt to set off a bomb at the airport. Fred Campbell, a good friend of Jake's had been hurt, being the first man trying to stop Sutherland... Then Jake went into action... using his uncanny intelligence and guts to stop the situation...But that was just a test trial for what was yet to come...

Caitland and Jake were both busy with their respective jobs. Jake was consulting on a movie and Caitland was planning a party for all of her clients...

While another individual was studying and becoming an expert in forensics psychology and was already a well known consultant in this important field. The consultant's greatest desire was to get to know, to understand them, including our Series' beautiful Lori, and not just from textbooks. She received an opportunity to visit and study...and meet... some of the most dangerous of these serial killers... After she met one in particular, she came back home and started planning for her first. Knowing Lori was still in jail, of course, Jake's death would be an important addition to her...list... 

She had learned so much...and her choice of murder would change based upon the various methods she'd learned directly from the "horses' mouths" you could say...

As was mentioned earlier, the emphasis of the series is Jake Roberts on the Hunt...Readers know this last killer and read of the devastating acts she performs. By this point in the book I was expecting the ending, still hoping it would not be what happens... Is it really the end of the series?

For me, there is no better way to express my highest recommendation for a book(s) than to wish that there will be a continuation of the characters I've come to know. Once in a while, an author speaks out on issues that are important to me and they become a new Favorite Author... Cary Allen Stone has struck that chord. I'm always amazed that I have little if any knowledge of the authors or story lines for books I agree to review and yet, I continue to find such gems! And these four books have become my first personal favorites for 2016!

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More tidbits from Cary Allen Stone

Itzhak & Me

While boosting cars and committing various misdemeanor crimes as a teenager I had no time to become refined in the arts. Loud rock’n roll with some rhythm and blues filled my ears and I could recite all of the great rock lyrics from the sixties. When I turned eighteen, I would be adjudicated as an adult so the crimes stopped but the music and attitude continued. Since then, I have had many adventures, some were fun, some were satisfying and some were dangerous...

"The reason I called this meeting is to tell all of you that my new book––AFTER THE KILL is available at in paperback and eBook. Tell your friends."

Cary Allen Stone - Thanks so much for Sharing Your Books here at Book Readers Heaven... I've been checking out my new favorite author and saw a number of bits of information of your interests other than writing to share with your new potential fans...Cool!

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