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Allyson Abbot Provides Step-by-Step Instruction to Create Basic Book Review in Exceptional How-to Book...

"What is in question is a kind of book
 reviewing which seems to be more
 and more popular: the loose putting
 down of opinions as though they were
and the treating of facts as though
 they were opinions." --Gore Vidal 

When a new writer begins to publish, and market her books, one of the first things realized is that it would be great to have reviews in support of those books. 

Many hope and work in many ways to gain recognition...and then feedback...but no matter how much they work--or even give free copies of their books, there is a very low percentage of what free books were taken versus the number of reviews given in feedback.

What to do?

Well, if you are Allyson R. Abbott, you write a Five-Star Readers' Favorite self-help book. Why? To help readers know how to give feedback regarding books they read!

If I wanted to write, this would be something like I would write, with a few minor changes based upon experience. I have, in fact, read a number of books regarding reviews. This is the best I've far...LOL

How to
Write a Simple Book Review

By Allyson R. Abbot

The one main difference in Abbott's book is that she takes the time to differentiate between types of reviews.  As a quote by Gore Vidal notes: the publishing world has expanded tremendously and the review process has necessarily broadened and become, perhaps, for the first time in publishing history, a major component of the marketing process. What that means is that in order to meet the need, more people are required in order to gain feedback for the millions of books being published. And there are millions out there reading, enjoying and loving books but never take the opportunity to share about that last book...

I have been reviewing books for many years, the first during my professional work when I started writing articles for trade magazines and reviewing for professional organizations. I have been in many discussions about the pros and cons of paying for reviews, and, yet, I continue to blog routinely with more requests than I can handle... Abbott covers people like me, and points out that there are many like me these days...but her book is about you, readers, who have enjoyed many books, but have never felt they could write a review like some that may have appeared in newspapers or online at various sites.

What Abbott does is teach you...yes, she teaches you to write a one-word review and proceed on to another word, a sentence, and then another sentence...until you have a full paragraph! Let's face it, no matter what you, the reader, is interested in, there is going to be a book about it to enjoy or learn from. Why not take a few minutes to thank the writer of that book as soon as you have finished reading.

Several things should be noted...this book is geared toward Amazon, sad to say. While at the same time I acknowledge that most readers use that site, including me. But regulations about reviews at Amazon might be totally different for other sites--even those that are mentioned. For instance there is a reference to paying for reviews. Since I have done both, I want to add that once payment is accepted for a review, you must report that activity to the IRS and file taxes on the income. The site where I was working closed because Amazon stopped accepting the reviews. If you wish to review, be very careful that your actions are kept open and above board. There are many scammers out there and articles that you can read about what criminal actions are being done these days.

If you love reading, review because you love sharing your thoughts about a book. There is no discrete way to go against regulations and ensure that you are not discovered by the IRS...Be sure any site proposing you are paid is thoroughly checked out.

Other than that, in general the book is well layed out, although the author, admittedly, tends to go off subject once in awhile. I found this somewhat endearing--the book reads as if she, a writer and author, is trying to help readers realize that feedback is necessary to book authors and she's hoping by writing this easy-to-read book that she helps you to provide something that is helpful to, the reader, included, since you are not only sharing your feelings about something you've taken the time to read, but you are also helping a large group of new writers, called Indie writers, who are for the first time able to routinely share their books with all of us across the world. Isn't that a wonderful option to have!

Since most of my reviews are for Indie authors, I wholeheartedly support Abbot's work in creating this how-to book. Not only has she done what the title says, but she has expanded her research and information to explain how each reader can help and enjoy sharing about books they've read as well as enough about the publishing activities and other types of reviews that helps each one of us to say thanks for writing this or that book (even if they didn't totally like it). She has included a bibliography and references as do most well-done self-help books. Other than the information about paying for reviews, which I've included above, I believe you can feel confident in acquiring this book...and, please, I do add... Write reviews - once you get into the habit, you'll find you want to talk and share your thoughts... Best wishes in taking on this exciting activity/hobby/recognition of other's works...


I 'm very lucky to have the indulgence of time and space to enable me to write. I took a sabbatical from work to accompany my partner on his bucket list travels and adventures, and never went back. I really thought I would struggle with all the free time, so decided to write to keep myself occupied. Now writing has consumed my time and I am never sure where we will be or when, hence my novels could be classed 'international' as they may have been written across a few countries. We are still travelling, although we do pop back to the UK for a few months every now and again.

I love the fact that no matter what our age we can use new technology to connect to the rest of the world and enhance our lives. Back in the UK I have my friends and family and with emails, phones, Skype or face-time, we are never out of touch for long. Even my mother at eighty-six uses face-time to catch up with me. I have the world at my fingertips and only twenty-four hours away from anywhere.

Being a 'mature aging gracefully' woman, I feel akin to the problems of aging and relationships. I spent many years on my own before finding my truly remarkable and very patient partner who I happily gave up my whole world for. My stories are about mature relationships with mature people. People who have character and humour, who have a history; people just like us.

I like to call it Hen Lit, Not Chick Lit, but it is not just about falling in love. They are about real relationships.

I hope you enjoy my stories. Please check my web page or social media pages if you would like to contact me. I love emails and try to answer every one as soon as possible.

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