Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Adolph Caso Remembers David Bowie - Vichian Cycles - With Selected Music...

English: David Bowie in the early 1970s
English: David Bowie in the early 1970s
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


By Adolph Caso 

Inspired by David Bowie’s, Space Oddity...

The cold countdown
by the blast‑off
that sends you
                        into space
            oxymoronic layers
that bend in the heavens
for an instant
and quickly close
as though
had never been present.

Your processed voice
comes to me
as you speed through space
toward the moon,
your mind intent
                        on instruments
my heart
as you draw away from me.

Will you ever come back!

Though you know
the point of your arrival
I wonder
                        in dread excitement
over your feat of maneuverability
and intelligence;
when I hear your voice
the space becomes vast.
My feet
                        on the ground
I get dizzy thinking
you may reach
a point of no return--
the concomitant
                        lost and found--
and myself
the guidance you’re receiving.

Even after the moon registers
your footprint
                                    and our cloth,
I shudder over your return
through layers of chaos
like fingers
the harpsichord
the sound from the first string
sustained by another
to make a whole possible--
noise to harmony
order to chaos!

Vichian cycles
of spiraling circles
will bring you back
                        to me
for having passed
through layers
                                      purifying fire.

Please note that, other than Space Oddity from which the poem was inspired, other selections were by me. The music was selected to connect to the theme of the poem...I hope it works to enhance  the Tribute by Adolfo... Would appreciate any thoughts on my choices made...

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