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Have You Made Your New Year's Resolutions? Here's One for your consideration! Let BlabberMouth! Tell You!

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77 Secrets Only Your Mouth Can Tell you to Live a Healthier, Happier, Sexier Life

By Susan Smallegan Maples, DDS, MSBA
Diana Kightlinger Decouteau, MA

You may laugh at the title of this book and its claim of sharing 77 secrets. So, I'm saying right up front that this non-fiction book, written by experts in their respective fields, will indeed do exactly what the book cover says. If you are like me and have some issues with going to the dentist, or even if you are a saint and have cared for your teeth all of your life, I guarantee that there will be something in this book that you did not know!

My recent interaction with my BlabberMouth may be like yours has been. I completely ignored least until it started SCREAMING, DO SOMETHING!

It is only through my own fault that I knew I needed to have this book, not only to read and review but to add to my personal home library. You won't be sorry if you do the same, especially after your read the Book's Preface in which the authors say:
Signs of the most prevalent diseases we encounter today, the ones that result from unhealthy lifestyle choices and a sugared-up food supply, show up in abundance inside the mouth, making  it impossible to ignore the many connections between oral disease and systemic disease. Even the evidence revolutionizing our understanding of ages-old tooth and gum diseases is staggering. 

The thing is that I had already discovered this when my brother-in-law was rushed to the hospital and was forced to stay for many tests because they couldn't discover what was wrong. Finally, one doctor suddenly asked have you had any dental problems or issues? I tell you that was an awakening for all of us. Yes, Ken had problems and a dentist was immediately called in to care for the issues.

Of course, like many, I forgot about this type of possibility and went on not listening to my Blabbermouth--until my teeth started falling out! Now I'm not talking about when I was a kid and our first teeth fall out...I'm talking about right now! Yes, I'm now in the process of getting false teeth to fit in where my own teeth had decided to bail on me for not listening! Believe me it is not fun to go into stores or talk to people and see that they are noticing I have missing teeth!

But the reason I was really sold on the book was when I started reading Section 1, "Mouthing Off." (I should point out that I absolutely loved the attempts to lighten the major issues with some light humor,) This is when the author suggested readers didn't necessary have to start with Chapter 1 and read through the book... She had further suggestions, but I immediately turned back to the table of contents for what I wanted to read first!

Chapter 24: Clinical Depression and Oral Health: A Two-Way Street... In May 2014, a group of researchers in the Deakin IMPACT Strategic Research Centre in Australia reported on a connection they'd found between poor dental health and depression. What they discovered flipped what's known about the relationship between the two on its head--and spurred new questions about cause and effect... Depression often goes undiagnosed, untreated and unmentioned, although the death rate is higher than that for breast cancer. In part that's because our society still views mental illness as a character weakness, not as an imbalance in brain chemistry. The personal shame that results often serves as a barrier against getting help...
Secret - Gum disease and depression are both inflammatory disorders. Recent research shows the increased inflammatory burden from periodontitis could worsen depression. But on a positive note, brushing and flossing could make a huge difference in your psychological health...
Depression impacts oral health in a variety of ways, all negative...

With this basic information, I knew I wanted to read the chapter... And then moved on to Dental Phobia...

Chapter 22: Dental Phobia: The 2nd Most Feared Chair

Research continues to show the importance of good oral health. But there's one catch: You need to go see your dentist at least twice a year. That's a problem if you have dental anxiety, which afflicts about 75 percent of Americans. For some it's even worse: The American Dental Association estimated that 10 percent of Americans experience dental phobia so paralyzing that they avoid the dentist except when they suffer from pain or a major infection...

Secret - Dental anxiety can be triggered by a smell or sound that unconsciously unlocks a bad memory and prompts a fight-or-flight response, even during routine visits. Talking with your dentist about how you can distract your brain and avoid triggers lets you receive preventive care, enjoy the advantages of good oral health--and by association, good overall health.

My first dentist was my next door neighbor who I really liked... But when I sat down in that chair, having him bend over me with sharp tools and drilling sounds, I developed the "Bixler Armchair Grip" You can see me above, grabbing hold as if for my life...and it seemed it was... Do you know what, I've never gotten rid of the phobia of that dental chair!

But, you know what? It made me feeler better that a higher percentage of Americans also have this...I call it fear, not anxiety, LOL... So obviously, I continued to read more about what I could do, if anything... It's reallly bad for me during teeth cleaning...Good thing my depresion medicine helps to take that "edge" off!

By the way, note that the indented "secret" paragraphs are provided for each issue and reflect the messages that your mouth is sending you!

Now the next issue for me was periodontics which is the gum disease mentioned above and, which, is common in my family...

On the other hand, there are a number of significant issues, such as is now being supported by Michael Douglas when he learned that he had oral cancer. Note I am using only the video below since there had been misinformation about Douglas' condition in the news. This has been included in the book under the various sexual health chapters included. I had briefly seen a little about Douglas' situation..All I can say is that Lewinsky should have the specified test!
So, I chose the order of reading this, which is actually, a reference book as well as a book that can be read at one time. I chose the most influential issues which affected my dental health, but there are also hidden secrets that you won't find without reading or referring to the Table of Contents or Glossary. Take for instance, these had a direct impact on my life or family's health:
Tooth Loss: The End Game, Traveling Bacteria: The Moveable Infection, Hearth Disease: Killer #1 (also cancer, stroke, diabetes, and respiratory disease) obesity, joint infections, Sleep Apnea, Acid Reflux, Bad Breath, Chapped Lips, snoring, Various addictions including prescription drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and chew, sugar, soda, juice and sports drinks, coffee and energy drinks, processed foods.

Notice that all of these issues aren't even covering the normal dental activities that we are all more familiar with,which are effectively covered--yet even these want to share secrets you may find of value to you or your family!

I was amazed... That's the only thing I can tell you about this book. I was amazed that the content was so far beyond what a reader could expect in a dental health book. The book is more than comprehensive. It will alert you to tests that are available through your dentist office that you would probably never consider asking about. And like I said, the authors have done an excellent job to add a touch of humor that will allow you to feel better about reading noon-fiction material... I liked one in particular that didn't concern me, but could affect me at some time, LOL... How about Chapter 28: Erectile Dysfunction: Floss or Be Flacid? Wow, now, isn't that a huge surprise to be included?!

As with excellent non-fiction, this book includes References in addition to a complex Index and Table of Contents. And provides, as you know I always check for, significant biographical information on both authors.

Got to share this one as a Must-Read...for everyone! Get it for your library and make it a habit to check the index when you have some type of medical issue...You may be surprised to realize that it could be your teeth that is the problem!


Susan Maples, DDS

Dr Susan Maples is a Lansing Area native and has practiced dentistry in Holt for 27 years.

“Dentistry is a blessing to me.” Says Susan. “I can’t imagine anything I’d rather be doing than this! It’s a joy to make such a positive difference in the lives of my patients and team members.”

As a life-long student under some of the most renowned teachers in her field, she has successfully blurred the lines between work and play. Enhancing her education is not just a responsibility she holds dear, but a passionate hobby!

Susan is a graduate of East Lansing High School, Denison University (BS), University of Michigan (DDS) and Madonna University (MSBA) Her extensive post-doctorate training in advanced dental studies includes:
The Dawson Academy: TMJ, Occlusion and Advanced Restoration
Spear Education: Occlusion, Complex Restoration and Cosmetics
Louisiana State University Cosmetics Continuum
Kois Center: Occlusion, Complex Restoration and Cosmetics
Turbyfill Seminars in advanced denture techniques
Six Month Smiles: Short term orthodontics

As an active member in two advanced study clubs she studies with peers who are also leaders in advanced restorative, relationship-based dentistry:
R.L. Fraser and Associates: National Study Club
Terry Goss and Associates : Safety Harbor Study Club

She is an active member in the following organizations:

In 1999 Dr Susan was recognized as a leader in professional ethics and was tapped into the honorary society of the American College of Dentists. She participates in the ethics and practice management curriculums at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

Susan speaks to dental groups throughout the country in the areas of leadership, team-building, advanced case planning and acceptance, relationship-based target marketing, and growing healthy kids in your dental practice.

With all of her work in advanced dental restoration, Dr. Susan has never outgrown her love for working with children. She is the author and originator of the Hands-On Learning Lab ™ Kit for children, and is being recognized nationally for making a significant difference in children’s oral and physical health.

Susan feels it is also important to give back to our community. Our entire team donates time and care for people who are vulnerable, disabled, medically compromised or financially distraught. She is eager to speak before services organizations or promote children’s health with hands-on learning in our schools. She writes a monthly dental column in Healthy and Fit Magazine and is published in several nationally recognized dental journals including Dental Economics and the Journal of the Michigan Dental Association.

When she’s not practicing dentistry, Susan enjoys leadership coaching, team building and organizational development for several businesses outside of dentistry including Trinity Church.

In her free time Susan loves to hang with her 18 year old son, Hunter. She enjoys skiing (on snow and water), snowboarding, running, weight training, cooking and art.

Diana Kightlinger (aka Eclipse Communications or just me) creates content that sells $$$ in products and services. I’m a professional copy and content writer, blogger, journalist and essayist with more than 20 years of experience. I write print and Web copy for clients including HP/Agilent, Visa, Intel, TransCore, Barclays, and General Motors, as well as a range of successful small companies.

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