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Every Child Wants to be a Grownup--Or Do They? See what Maria Alony Says...

I want to make my own
I did it...You did too, I'll bet...We played grownup--dress-up when we were young... Can you guess what we might have used years ago to wrap around us as beautiful dresses? Why sheer curtains was just the thing!

Emma got to wear her mother's clothes and shoes, Wow! But one day Emma was thinking. She hated to be called in by her parents for dinner while she was playing or having to go to bed when she was told to rather than when she wanted to...

So, one day Emma decided she was old enough to also be a grownup! So she told her parents. Fortunately, her parents were very wise and decided not to argue with Emma...

During breakfast, Emma announced , “I'm an adult now!” 
Her parents smiled. “Are you sure? It's much more fun being a child,” her mother said.
 “I don't care,” Emma replied, “I want to be a grown-up and do grown-up things!”
“Well Emma,” her father said, “if you've made up your mind, we'll respect your decision.”

Emma Wants to be a Grownup:
An Emma and Everything story

By Maria Alony 
Illustrated by Bojan Radovanovic

There's a short commercial on television with a cute little boy who is driving a toy car. His father asks if he is ready to go with him today. The little boy goes through several scenes of what that might mean and decides to say, "I'm good, Dad."

The truth is that even while children want to be free to do what they want, they have observed enough of the actual activities of their parents to realize that they really don't want to do those things! This story tells about when Emma, who has also observed her parents, decides she wants to be considered an adult!

This fully illustrated children's story is part of a series with truly beautiful illustrations by Bojan Radovanovic. The colors are bright and vibrant and will be sure to capture your child's attention.

I should note that the pics from the book were borrowed from the author's Facebook page and might not actually be in this particular book.

Just like the little boy in the commercial, Emma had now had approval from her parents that she was an adult! So what should she do?

She started to watch cartoons on the television, but realized that adults didn't watch cartoons. She turned to news channels but couldn't understand anything they were saying. This was boring! 
or maybe they passed the time
talking on the phone.
Emma Yawned. None
of it seemed very interesting.
Maybe she could work in an office but the kitty came along and she realized she probably should not take time to play. Even her toys were not for her use as an adult!

Although Emma wasn't exactly sure what adults did, she knew what they didn't do: play with toys! Emma gathered her dolls, board games, costumes, and books into a large cardboard box that she taped closed.

She thought about her books, but they weren't what adults would read, so she went into the library and pulled out a large book with pages and pages... She could hardly carry it, but decided to go out in the park to read...

She sat down on a bench and opened her book! Suddenly there were all her friends running, laughing and playing. They asked her to come play too! What would you do if you were Emma?!

Sometimes it is better to allow a child to try...and see...what they've asked to do. This book shows that it was certainly the right decision by the parents to allow Emma to "try out" being the Grownup she wanted to be... 

The author wrote that she wanted to make her stories interesting and entertaining for her readers. I hope she doesn't mind one last thought by his reviewer... Give your child chores to do and let them learn the way to begin to be responsible for their own life...This seems to be a forgotten activity for many parents who wants to give their children a better life than they had??? But does that really? I think the parents could have added a few responsibilities for Emma so that she began to balance her play time with a few duties like keeping her room clean and her toys put away. Of course, that's just my own personal opinion that I'm adding...

Depending on the age of the child, this book could be a great learning tool for younger children who have begun to want to make choices for themselves. Do check it out!


Maria has been creating stories since the moment she learned how to write. In fact, she wrote and illustrated her first book when she was only eleven years old. Since then, she has continued writing and writing and writing. Because Maria liked reading and writing more than anything else, she decided to study literature in college. She subsequently taught children and teenagers literature and creative writing. Then, on one very special day, she decided it was time to share some of her stories with others. 

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