Thursday, January 21, 2016

Paul M. Kramer Provides Children's Book on Sensitive Subject... Grandma Went to Heaven...Coming Soon!

Grandmother's Love - Cynthia Snider


 A love that has no limits
 a love that’s always there 
A love that is never ending, 
a love beyond compare. 
Someone you can laugh with, 
someone you can tell your secrets to. 
Someone who will protect 
and keep you safe, 
someone who will always love you. 
Caring and forgiving,
 no matter what you’ve done.
 Patient and understanding, 
for you’re her loving 
granddaughter or grandson.

Grandma Went to Heaven

Written by Paul M. Kramer
Illustrated by Helda Tacke

Over the Christmas and New Year holidays, we lost the grandfather in my sister's family (my brother-in-law) and I suffered with his grandchildren as they faced the loss of their loved one. I remembered when my mother died and, though different children, due to the timing of the deaths, the emotional turmoil for my nieces and nephews was very real, especially for those who had lived and been close to Mom...

Paul Kramer seems to know the topics that are or could be emotionally troubling or deeply felt by children and he tackles each one with love and care so that his readers can use his books to help--in this case--in a time of grief. You may recall another hard subject was covered by Kramer in Jenny, Cancer Survivor. While his books do not overtly talk about God, it is clear to readers, that he shares God's love as he writes to our children on matters of emotional importance. I applaud Paul for his great efforts!

I love my Grandma very, very much.
I’m so sorry she had to leave.
She wasn’t with me long enough
One immediate attribute you will quickly see is that Paul and Helga, his illustrator, pick bold beautiful colors to complement the story. They are warm and glow with heavenly love to envelope the children as they deal with a heavy subject like death. I can almost guarantee that any reader who has had a close relationship with a grandparent will feel tears of remembrance as they share this book with a beloved grandchild.

The poem above closes out the book, but each page is also rhyming words, easily read and meaning grasped. They provide wonderful memory triggers so that the child may begin to recognize that they will always have those memories of loving times, even though Grandma is now gone.

The book mentions about having secrets between the child and grandparent, memories of playing games together, protecting him when he became afraid, making his favorite foods, and reading books to him before bedtime...

The book makes it quite obvious that the child felt safe with Grandma, even when his parents weren't around. And isn't that the most important thing--helping the child feel safe, even in the face of having a loved one no longer be readily there in his life.

Thinking about my grandma 
sometimes makes me want to cry. 
I feel better when I realize 
she’ll always be with me. 
For In my heart, she’ll never die.
I know my grandma will be watching over me. 
I’m so lucky to have had her as my grandma. 
She will live forever in my memory.

I believe this is the perfect book for a child, at the appropriate time. It may be sometime when Grandma is sick and the parents want to prepare the child. Or it may be later...  But I believe sincerely it will help children in their loss.  My niece called last night and I quickly told her she had to give herself time to grieve. Children grieve too, but may not fully understand what death means, or know how to express their feelings. A book might be just what is needed so that parents can talk to their child and help them remember all the love and good times shared with Grandma...

A must-read, when needed...


Mr. Kramer's books attempt to reduce stress and anxiety and resolve important issues children face in their everyday lives. His books are often written in rhyme. They are entertaining, inspirational, educational and easy to read. One of his goals is to increase the child's sense of self worth.

He has written books on various subjects such as bullying, divorce, sleep deprivation, worrying, shyness, and weight issues.

Mr. Kramer has appeared on "Good Morning America," "The Doctors," "CNN Live" as well as several other Television Shows in the United States and Canada. He's been interviewed and aired on many radio programs including the British Broadcasting System and has had countless articles written about his work in major newspapers and magazines throughout the world.

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