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Dr. Dee Dynamo's Back at BRH in Latest Children's Learning Adventure by Oneeka Williams, M.D,

I was so pleased to be contacted regarding the latest book featuring Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo! As I snoop around the Internet, I found this pic of the author and immediately realized that this was the real Dee Dee Dynamo, don't you think?! She is a role model for both young children and adults females as she shares the attitude of "I can do it!" In fact, I enjoyed listening to the following when her first book in the series came out. Her desire to support women in the sciences is very important for children as they dream of what they want to be when they get big! This is the time to plant the seeds since we don't know the fear of failure as children! That is the time for sharing that each child can be whatever they want to be when they are old enough... 

If you haven't already read the second book in the series, do check out my review. Her latest continues the adventures of a doctor who fixes just about anything she's ask to fix and her abilities have taken her out of this world to other planets! Cool, right? Children not only have a wonderful time working along side Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo, but also learn much about astronomy. In fact you and your children may be learning together, just as I did reading these fantastic books!

Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo's
  Saturn Surprise

By Oneeka Williams M.D.
Illustrated by Valerie Bouthyette

The Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo children's series, as well as her other work, has won the author, Dr. Oneeka Williams, the 2014 Science Club for Girls Catalyst Award. If you know nothing else about her, just reading her children's book series will give you an understanding for the award. When I read my first book, I was surprised that we were heading into outer space! But what better place can a doctor use all of her scientific experience where there is nobody else to help!

Everything that Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo works with is magical and helps her do her work--even the medical instruments, like scissors. For instance, Simon Scissors--See him and the others in this pic--is his name! Do you name the various items you use daily? Well, when they are called for an emergency, each one has to know exactly what to do, so Simon Scissors, for instance, knows to immediately run and jump into Marky Medicine Bag, along with all the others so that Dr. Dee Dee is ready to quickly respond...
Now check out her wrist! That's Wyndee Watch and that is how Dr. Dee Dee gets all her messages and requests for help!
She speaks into Wyndee,
"Freeda and Kyle, please
prepare the team and
pick up up at the

Buzz! Buzzzzzz! Her wrist vibrates and she looks down at Wyndee Watch. Wyndee's screen illuminates and Gordon the Gullible Clobe appears, spinning and flashing his blue lights. Dr. Dee Dee turns up Wyndee's volume.

Gordon's alarm pierces the air, startling the other Planetarium goers.

"What is it, Gordon?" Dr. Dee Dee whispers.

"I heard sounds of pandemonium coming from Saturn--and when I looked out I saw that his rings were gone! Something is terribly wrong," says Gordon.

"Are you sure, Gordon? asks Dr. Dee Dee. "There are times when we cannot see Saturn's rings from Earth, you know. When this happens, it is called "ring plane crossing,' But the rings are still there."

"I'm sure, Dr. Dee Dee. We have to go!" Gordon insists.

"Sounds like we have a new mission," says Dr. Dee Dee thoughtfully. She pushes the alert button on Wyndee. It sends a shockwave signal to her team that it is time for another adventure.

"oh dear," says Freeda sheepishly. "I am so sorry. I mistakenly
entered the letters SAUURN instead of SATURN and the
GPS rearranged it as uranus."
"Don't worry, Freeda, we all make mistakes," says Dr. Dee
Dee reassuringly.

Lukas, who had been visiting the planetarium with Dr. Dee Dee, was curious and started asking questions immediately. He wanted to know why Saturn would lose its rings. So, like the helper that she is, Dr. Dee Dee takes the time to share with Lukas and readers all about what she knows about Saturn.

But then she admits that she has no idea why there would be a commotion coming from Saturn, noting that something else must be going on...

Whiles she's sharing with Lukas, Freeda, who is the Flying Ambulance that takes the team to the emergency, is gathering everybody together, picks them up, and then sets the GPS for least she thought she did, but they all wound up at Uranus! Do you know where that is?

Note that Uranus is right next to Saturn...then look up to see the relationship to Earth...

Now some may have already heard of the Cassini mission. But Lukas and Kyle were surprised when the first thing they were asked, by the Saturn planet, was if they were with the Mission? Everybody could tell that Saturn was tired and frustrated and admitted that since they had come in 1997, he and his rings had no privacy and now none of his secrets were secrets anymore!

Well, Dr. Dee Dee quickly introduced herself and explained why they had come. Fortunately Saturn had heard from Pluto what she had done for him so he immediately started to tell her... Instead of circling the planet like a circle, some were slanted, circling on their own without coordinating with the others! Saturn begged for help!

"My rings have gone stark raving mad. They don't want to be rings anymore."
"All of them?" asks Dr. Dee Dee.
"All of them!" complains Saturn. "A, B, C, D, E, F and G!"
"Poor Saturn," says Marky Medicine Bag. "This looks like a disaster. What are we going to do, Dr. Dee Dee?

Would you believe by the time that Dr. Dee Dee finished her review of the situation, she created the "Do The Saturn Dance" for everybody to dance and get the rings right back where they were supposed to be! You'll have to work hard to learn how to do includes some crazy moves like the Electric Slide, the Moon Ring and more! Better get your dance shoes out so you can help Dr. Dee Dee and the rest of her team as they all work together to fix Saturn's Rings!

There is one character that deserves a special mention...His name is Kyle and he's someone who seems to always be negative about trying things...If you know somebody like that, you'll be able to see how Dr. Dee Dee loving scolds him at the same time he's an important member of the team...There are many small samples of this type of interpersonal relationship learning that is being taught while children
enjoy all that is happening. 

This series continues to be both high quality in the book format, the fantastic art work within, as well as one of the best children's books I've reviewed in relation to the high level of educational value provided. The creativity and imagination in turning medical instruments, such as when getting shots, into Sydnee Syringe, who can become a friend to everybody, certainly nonverbally helps children learn that the doctor is someone who is there to help in whatever way possible. I'm so happy Dr. Dee Dee invited me on her latest adventure! Saturn has a lot to learn about, so make sure your children and friends get the chance to meet her too!

Now is a good chance to add book characters that your child may not have previously had the opportunity to meet through their favorite books! This book and the series is an excellent learning experience in many very
important ways... Highly recommended!


About the Author

What do you get when you combine a science teacher with a journalist? A surgeon who writes poetry and children’s books!

My childhood was filled with the joys of discovery and exploration as my science teacher Mom took every opportunity to expose us to the wonders of science. On the other hand my Dad shared his passion for writing and I grew up writing poetry for every occasion including birthdays, holidays and family reunions. I still have fond memories of an essay competition that my twin brother and I entered on ‘Windows to the Sea’ which was designed to highlight the overdevelopment of the Barbados beachfront. We each wrote our essays independently but when our teacher looked at them, they complemented each other so well that we combined them into one essay and won the competition.

Growing up in the tropics was an incredible experience. I appreciate it now even more, as my husband and I raise our son in the cold New England winters. Every year we ask ourselves the same question, why are we still here? My Dad dug a fishpond for us in the backyard of our home in Guyana and we fished almost every weekend. Ever so often we would catch an eel that had snuck into the pond from the neighboring alley to feast on our fish and this was always accompanied by much excitement. There was always adventure and exploration.

I love science and always knew I wanted to be a doctor. I even performed minor surgery as early as age 12 when one of my classmates ripped her earring out of her ear lobe and I came to the rescue.

My journey took me first to Johns Hopkins University, ‘the pre-med capitol’. I then went to Harvard Medical School, followed by Massachusetts General Hospital and Lahey Clinic for surgical training. All along the way my creative outlet continued to be writing and interior design. I love painting, remodeling, renovating, upholstering furniture and landscaping.

I have always participated in various community volunteer programs with young people. One weekend, as I was cutting into cow hearts at a girl’s science club activity and finding engaging ways to present the physiology, it occurred to me that I wanted to write books that would share my love for science and medicine. I was inspired by my Mom who has written several science texts.

Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo is truly the embodiment of everything I hold dear. She is caring, dynamic, energetic, positive, powerful, spunky and believes that she can do anything. She heals with her hands, brings surgery and science together and loves her family.

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