Monday, January 12, 2015

Adolph Caso - Shepherd me, oh Lord...A Few Seconds in Time Inspires Latest Poetry!

Shepherd me, oh Lord!

Adolph Caso

Ruminating without object,

My conscience has me gripped in a trance

Controlled by who knows what despotic force

Denying me the awareness of my presence

Let alone my existence.

There are no light beams

Propelling me into heaven!


An assiduous cry of a newly-born baby

Breaks that spell.

I look toward the car

And witness a miracle

Unfold in front of my eyes.

A séance of real images

With corresponding soothing sounds

Emanate from each.

This young mother,


Hands her older child to her husband
Waiting with arms outstretched.

Responding to her motherly instinct,

In wanting to fulfill her role as mother,

She rushes into the vehicle.

In no time,

The shrilling cry of her baby

All but disappears.

The shrills turn into groans of famish, first;

Then, diminishing in intensity--

They quickly change

To soothing, self-satisfying moans,


Soon thereafter:

Into complete silence!

The young mother

Holds the baby’s head

Close to her breast.
Her head bowed,

She smiles tenderly.

On receiving her nod of approval,

To begin their journey home,
The father pulls away.

His precious cargo on board

And his car purring.

With the confidence of a sage.

He carefully shepherds them forward.

My head unbelieving

This all happening

In a few seconds

in front of my eyes.

Destiny propelling them foreword

To fulfill themselves--

And to evolve,

As all of us do,

As directed by one’s own destiny.

Shepherd me, oh Lord!


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