Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Now Over...What's Coming This Year?!!! Happy New Year from Book Reader's Heaven

 Hope you like my new format that gives you immediate access to multiple articles...

And thanks for the 16 thousand plus December...I've already got at least a couple months of books waiting, so hurry back! I put in the map provided to show world coverage, but I'm not sure I totally understand it, you?

But I'm certainly happy to see more and more countries visit, because I've been having more and more books set all over the world! I think Germany was the latest one read--this was one of the first translations made for Author
Alexander Hartung set in Berlin...

Only found one country that already had last night's celebration up...Of course, Taiwan had the advantage of time differences... LOL
Wow! Is it possible another year has left us?! Well, I got a surprise last night, I found a musician I'd never heard before and he immediately became a top musician for me... I was watching the Swan Brothers in Pittsburgh since it's closer to me, but I went wandering a Living Room Concert...Here's one of his fantastic songs...then I went out today and found others from when he was younger...Looks like he's been in the business all his life! Some of us just keep on going... LOL! 

One of the most visited articles was with Lee Harmon on his book and beliefs in general...
I didn't do a good job of marking all those that was on my favorites list this year, but some of them are here and if you didn't see them earlier, just click on the cover to visit now!
If your book was also placed on my list for 2014, hey, help me out and list it as a comment!

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