Thursday, January 15, 2015

Do Your Children Need Help With Fractions? Watch Sara Solves It!

Amazon Pilot Season Presents

Sara Solves It!

(For pre-school aged children) - A musical animated series that follows 9-year-old whiz kid Sara and younger brother Sam as they solve mysteries in their apartment building, at school, and beyond -- employing math, music, and creative thinking to ensure Sara Solves it! Created by Carol Greenwald (Arthur, Curious George) and Angela Santomero (Creative Galaxy, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

I took a break just now and watched this  children's animated musical in which Sara solves the mystery of the missing pizza! It was fun, and definitely would help children work through fractions! While solving a mystery... And you know I love mysteries so now you can use them as a teaching tool as well
The fun comes in with the music! It allows singing along, clapping and encourages total participation in finding out what happened to the pizza, even to the point of solving the mystery! And teaching sharing--by sharing the pizza of course, which was somewhat difficult, because...

Everybody loves Pizza...Or do you think the pizza delivery man did it? Guess you'll just have to see it! Fun Stuff! Check it out at Amazon...


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