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Mortal Threat, Latest in Series by A. J. Tata, Brilliant in Analysis of Potential World Future...Including Great "Treasure" Hunt!

Brigadier General (R) Anthony J. Tata graduated from the UnitedStates Military Academy in 1981 and retired after 28 years of uniformed service on 1 June 2009. Among his many assignments, Tony commanded a paratrooper battalion in the 82nd Airborne Division, an air assault brigade in the 101st Airborne Division and served as the Deputy Commanding General of the 10th Mountain Division and Combined/Joint Task Force-76 in Afghanistan. BG Tata has deployed on combat missions and operations in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia, Panama and the Philippines. He has been awarded the Combat Action Badge and Bronze Star, is a Master Parachutist and graduate of the U.S. Army’s Ranger School.

Tony served as a National Security Fellow at Harvard University’s JFK School of Government, has an M.A. in International Relations from the Catholic University of America, and earned a Master of Military Art and Science from the Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies. Notably, he is listed as a distinguished member of the famed 502nd, 504th, and 505th Parachute Infantry Regiments. He is also a graduate of the Broad Superintendent’s Academy of the Eli Broad Foundation, which focuses on training leaders around the country for service as superintendents in large school districts. After a career serving his country in uniform, Tony is finding his second calling in education reform in America.

The author of the critically acclaimed Threat Series fiction novels featuring the Garrett Brothers, Tony donates 100% of his Sudden Threat book proceeds, so far over $27,000, to the USO Metro DC Hospital Services fund for Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Bethesda National Naval Medical Center. BG Tata’s story has garnered national attention with appearances on NBC’s The Today Show, CBS Early Show, FoxNews’ The O’Reilly Factor, America’s Newsroom, Fox and Friends Weekday and Weekend Editions, Geraldo at Large, The Daily Buzz, The Jim Bohannon Show, and scores of nationally syndicated and local station radio interviews such as the one included below.

The third novel in the Threat Series, Hidden Threat, was released January, 2011, following Rogue Threat, released in November 2009 and Sudden Threat in mass-market paperback September 2009.

Mortal Threat:
ISIS Steals Ebola Cure
By A. J. Tata

When you choose to read The Threat Series by General A. J. Tata, you will know that the "alternative future" he presents for your thriller enjoyment is based upon his personal experience, analysis and knowledge of the world we live in...Today! The three major issues he covers in this fantastic novel are: Racial Tensions, Religious Doctrine, and Media Manipulation and Dissemination--Disinformation...

I've been honored to have General Tata spotlighted in visits to BRH since he started the Threat Series... See links below if interested in reading reviews of earlier books... 
“We need to move, Miss Amanda, ”
 Kiram said,
 his voice full of authority. “Hear that?”
 She listened for a moment, 

the echoing howls of vicious 

Serengeti dogs closing in on them like a
submarine's radar pings.

Mortal Threat, however, added another character--the daughter of Zach Garrett, and, for me, it brought the novels even closer to the type of thrillers I enjoy. One with a gutsy, strong, intelligent female character who... just...doesn't...quit! In fact, I'm including a scene that demonstrates exactly what I mean, but one that doesn't give away the thrilling main story...
“Dogs. They will attack us if we don’t move,” Kiram said. He waved his hand at the ridge above them. “Then they follow.” 
Amanda sensed even more that he knew the jungle and he knew combat. The most formative years of a child’s life were between two and seven, Amanda knew, and she had no idea what either of these children had seen or been asked to do at those ages. By their dispositions, she figured they had seen death, and likely had killed as well. Amanda pointed Webb in what she believed to be a southeasterly direction based upon the angle of the diminishing sun to her back. She let Kiram lead on point with Mumbato in the rear. With the sun about to fall on this difficult day, Amanda Garrett silently prayed to God that her father would be able to find her. And that they would be able to save the Nightingale program...
“Miss Amanda,” Kiram said, holding his AK-47 like a soldier might, his trigger finger riding parallel to the magazine, ready to move in a nanosecond to the hair-string trigger.

“Yes, Kiram,” Amanda said stiffly, her small protest against the weapons. She had been on a nonviolence kick for the past five years with the orphanage and thought she was making progress. She was still processing how to react to the availability of the weapons and their obvious need for protection. Practically speaking, she considered, they would be fools to take another step in the darkened gorge without the weapons as they navigated the Serengeti Plain. She knew and had accepted the need for violence and strategy, had even employed it in the past, yet she had been so overwhelmed by the prior brutality visited upon the children she supervised that she’d enacted a no-violence policy in the orphanage. Now she knew her survival depended upon summoning her father’s warrior instincts. “Animals. Serengeti dogs follow. Pack of about fifteen. They started out smaller, maybe seven, but as they watched how slowly we go, they went back for more,” Kiram said. 

Amanda watched her star pupil talk in near fluent English. “These are the wild dogs you have told me about?” she asked. “They’re smart, hungry, and operate in packs, right?”

“True,” Kiram said. “Like I told you at the crash. They follow.” He licked his dry lips. So far they had been simply drinking from the stream that fell across the rocky gulley that fed into the steep gorge. “There are two parts of the pack to our back, and they are guarding our escape from this hole. The other two have moved forward to the mouth, where this valley opens into the bigger valley...”

Quickly, she turned her head when two loud reports echoed over their heads. Mumbato’s gun, she thought. Crouching in a defensive stance, she saw a flash before her eyes and realized that one of the dogs was leaping through the air from the ledge and flying directly at her. She watched the bare teeth and ferocious sneer of the wild animal. Its savage eyes reminded her of a rabid raccoon she had seen as a young child. The dog’s moist breath blasted her face with a morbid scent that hinted of decaying teeth. She instinctively threw her hand in front of her face, and miraculously the dog missed her, going high, over her head. She turned, defensive and ready for a counterattack. The dog skidded on the slick rocks but was able to turn around and spin its claws against the magma outcropping. Lunging toward Amanda, the dog was airborne again, its legs outstretched. Amanda lifted the knife and stepped to the side, pulling the smooth edge upward as if hitting a tennis backhand. The knife sliced through the dog’s throat until it got caught on the left
shoulder bone. She twisted her shoulders, like a golfer’s follow-through, and the knife came free of the dog’s neck. Amanda felt the warm blood ooze across her hands as the animal yelped and snapped. Like a bluefish released from a lure bouncing in the bottom of a boat with barefooted anglers, the wild dog continued to click its teeth, its mouth inching toward Amanda. Reflexively, Amanda drove the knife into the chest cavity of the dog and wrenched it sideways until she could retrieve the blade. The dog convulsed and then lay motionless. 

Kiram came running down the cliff with Mumbato in tow. “Quick, Amanda, the dogs are running away, but Mumbato heard a motor. We must go.” 
Amanda slid the knife across the matted fur of the dog, wiping the blade.
“Now, we must move!” Kiram whispered emphatically.

Most average citizens would be able to identify those threat issues facing America and the world. But when an expert analyzes those issues and pulls them together to create a novel, albeit fiction, you can be sure that it should, in my opinion, be a must-read.  The merge of headline issues added with his personal expertise results in a totally plausible adventure into the "what if" of national and international matters. I started with information on the author to illustrate his involvement--I trust the author and know that he has a very real concern about the United States, no matter his political party, or his religion, which I do not know. That's important to me as I read this Threat Series. If it is to you, as well, Please do check out the entire series!

HIV children
Zach and Matt Garrett, brothers, have been through some rough times, defending their country. Zach's daughter, Amanda, has joined the first in a different fashion. She is studying to become a doctor, but has been working in Africa, assisting in a research project, code named Nightingale... 

It is world-wide health issues that are being addressed by the project... When word leaks out, that there could be a miracle cure for HIV as well as Ebola, that's when those who are hungry for power stepped in... 

Amanda had been working with Dr. King, who did his research in a different location while Amanda lived at the orphanage and clinic and had grown close and loved the children as her own--their safety was her first concern, so that when the trouble started, she took immediate 

action, as earlier been planned, to take the children and escape.

At nineteen years old, Kiram had grown up in the Mwanza orphanage. He had known Amanda since he was fourteen after her first summer volunteering to assist the war orphans like him. 

It was Kiram who worked alongside her, showing him what to do, hoping that one day he would become a doctor, as she also hoped for Mumbato... Since HIV and Ebola surely led to death, it had been decided, with the patients' consent, that it was better to try the new serum, than to just wait to die... It was also Kiram who had first brought her a local ingredient that had been used to heal in the past. It was later that people started to be healed from both HIV and Ebola.

More than one media agency was following the successes of the work at Mwanza. In fact, one of those groups, ISIS, had been watching it so closely, that Al Rhazziq Media not only announced the cure to the world, but had taken credit for it! A friend, Quizmahel, who was already physically near death, had agreed to be martyred for the cause and an arranged assassination took place after the announcement--of course, blaming America... But a rival agency was also involved and both had their representatives out to gain and report constant information and/or gain ownership of the cure, taking whatever way necessary...

And in America, the second African-American president had been elected, who was already designated as a major player in this international game...
He had totally forgotten a new president was being inaugurated today. Jamal Barkum stood before the masses of the Washington, D.C. Mall. Beckwith punched up the volume using the remote. “And I say to all of you that today we march on toward a better destiny. Our footprints are timeless. Thank you and God Bless America.” And suddenly Beckwith thought he understood.

Because by that time, word was spreading about The Book of Catalyst...

Beckwith had studied the Book of J and the Book of E, the Torah, the Bible, the Koran, the Hebrew Tanach, and many other religious texts. What he had learned was that all of the scriptures had been eventually recorded from memory after being passed along by the oral traditions of tribal chiefs or religious scholars. The hierarchy of those who determined the canonization of Biblical texts fascinated him. To him, it seemed that all of the religions essentially agreed on the basic pretexts of a God creating the universe and man. 

It was this particular issue, the creation of man, which had captured Beckwith’s attention. In November 2012, one of his Internet miners had pinged on a secure email from an Al Rhazziq Media server farm in Morocco that had mentioned the location of the Book of Catalyst, a fabled alternative to the Book of Genesis that had been dismissed as fairy tale. However, Beckwith wanted it...

And slowly pieces of the Book started passing hands until word had reached President Barkum...

This is absolutely the best of the best for the Threat Series! There are three significant issues facing America that were placed into the right settings to allow each reader to see and understand what kind of actions are instigated, then blamed on some other group...and what happens when the disinformation becomes significant in our real decision-making processes. I loved it... Kudos to A. J. Tata for hitting those issues hard...and in such an astute manner to result in an exciting, edge-of-the-seat story! And a surprising, stunning ending!


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