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Who Killed Love? by Don Scribner Intriguing Psychological Suspense Mystery and Much More!

Don Scribner, Author, Also Playing Main Character,
Who Killed Love?
"Harlan Saltz, that's me, or Harley as I am often referred to. I am just under six feet with a fairly lean muscular build that I work hard at maintaining. Teri said without my moustache I could be Christian Bale's father or with it Sam Elliot's younger brother. I am rarely without it. In a KMart an old man once mistook me for Elliot and pleaded for my autograph. I signed. He said, "You made my day. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone you're here. I know actors like their privacy." I smiled and told him, 'Lightning never lasts long either my friend.'
"Teri said my passion for words is 'pretentions.' I'd rather say, 'It's endless'. I like to quote William Blake, "'To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower...Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour." It exemplifies my philosophy. Live in the moment.
"Just because I strive for a philosophy doesn't mean I always live it. I've had a pity party or two. But, after reflection, I can come up with the positive and am able to move on. A flower blossoms through the dung.
"After we had been together for a couple of years I told Teri," Remember, the first brush of your lips will last my lifetime." She countered, "Why does everything have to be so pretentious with you? You're not a poet. You're not even Bukowski unless you're drinking."
"Love can sting.
"Everything you say is so dramatic. Always trying to impress people. Why don't you give it up? You're not a writer. How many things have you sold? What, a few articles?"
"She wouldn't stop and if I learned anything in the past three years, it was not to annoy her when she goes a little out of control. But I couldn't resist, stepped back and smiled.
"I still love you, medication or not."
"She erupted. 'Fuck you. I don't know why I'm wasting my time with such a loser."

Who Killed Love?
By Don Scribner

It's not often I do early promotion on a book--but that's because I've become a fan of the author, who is also an actor, singer, lover, friend and good man... Now, how do I know that? Through his book. No, I've never met him, but his book tells me a lot about him... 

You see, in addition to having a fascinating psychological murder mystery for readers to solve, this book is written as if it was a journal of the character, Harlan Saltz. And, unless Don Scribner is the best actor in the world, his book, through this journal format, shares a lot about himself as well. Sure, it will be called a literary success, but I caught the personal traits about Harley more than his quotes of great writers such as William Blake... The way he treated, say, the bartender or a woman who got him up to dance by teaching him at the same time...  Or his older neighbor who he carries to his apartment for a coffee... You know, in my experience having read thousands of fiction novels, a writer doesn't include little everyday courtesy and kindness as is found in this book--unless it also is the everyday character of the writer... Not only does Harlan Saltz love women, he treats them with respect. My personal thanks to the author for allowing this to shine in your novel... as it must surely shine in your own life...

"Another caterer arrived with a tray of hors d-oeuvres...She gave a tiny, sweet nod and continued on to another guest. For some reason, I felt like I thought Tom Selleck's Magnum P.I. character must have felt on that huge estate. Not all together confident, but secure enough about himself to be comfortable feeling that way...
"Suddenly I realized I had walked to the back of the home and stood, looking at the pool area. White roses covered the roof of the pool house and the pool itself held a blanket of red petals. Finally something that felt like a Teri touch.
Music filtered in diverting my attention. I turned to the stage area and stood transfixed.
Bocelli's Sogno, one of my favorites, echoed throughout the yard:
Go then, I will wait for you.
The flowers in the garden will mark your absence, and rejoice the day of your return.
Of my love you are so sure.
The lyrics I treasured...
"At night, there was the feeling that we had come home, feeling no longer alone, waking in the night to find the other one there, and not gone away; all other things were unreal. We slept when we were tired and if we woke the other one woke too, so one was not alone. Often a man wishes to be alone and a woman wishes to be alone, too. And, if they love each other they are not jealous of that in each other because they know they have each other."
"I looked at the guests and it seemed the words and the timber of Abdul's voice consumed them all. It left me a touch uneasy, but I sucked it up and read the program. It didn't indicate the reading. She did it herself. I folded my arms, looked at the altar and everyone near it, but focused on the words of the Heminway piece. I knew the piece. We had talked about it. She had those words read to me. But, why?
Why? It didn't make sense. The ambient hum from the band seemed to also ask. Why? Why?

"Someone had a hand in it long before we ever
Now I just can't believe you're in my arms
Heaven's smiling down on me as I look at
you tonight."
"I couldn't believe my ears. They danced to our
song--hers and mine--the song I bought. The
song I listed to. People watched with smiles, as
if it were right. This was not right.
"It was wrong. They danced so beautifully.
It seemed almost formal as if they had been
trained, like two little dolls dancing and
"It takes my breath away just to look into
your eyes...
"Teri actually looked out during that line.
Looked in my direction. It took my breath away.
I began to dance and didn't care who watched
or what I looked like..."
Harley is a writer, and readers will enjoy how he constantly breaks into his own thoughts to jot down an idea about a cartoon, a porn story, which he whips off quickly to keep money coming in, or just a concept... He's writing a novel, perhaps Who Killed Love?

Harley is still in love with a woman from whom he's been separated for years, so when he gets an invitation to her wedding, his first thought is to decline--how could he stand to see her marry somebody else!

But he goes... And experiences one of the weirdest things ever. Things that were said between Harley and Teri were part of the ceremony... And when the wedding is over, she immediately wants to talk to him...

Was Teri's marriage the one they would have had???

Strange, right? But not as strange as her being murdered soon thereafter!

Readers will get involved as Harley's friend Whitey comes to get involved with the investigation. He's a cop and knows the investigating officer so we know everything that is considered!

A lot of action takes place in the local country-western bar and you will meet a lot of characters I've already mentioned, and also a young lady, who Harley calls "Thank you, but no Thank You" because she keeps turning him down--to dance, for a drink...whatever. In fact, you may even meet the killer... I decided I was the barkeeper... What? Don't you ever think about which character sounds like you--or that you'd like to play? Well, I had to pick her, because she spent an evening with Harley...LOL!

Anyway, aren't we all characters, playing a role? There are many in that bar, for instance, who may be the killer! Because things haven't stopped... Two women to whom Harley pays attention are having vandalism problems... Finally, Harley adds everything up and knows his home has been broken into.

And, of course, they are looking at her husband, who automatically became a citizen upon his marriage??? Then they're Terri's old boyfriend, besides Harley, who clearly hates Harley, while Teri's family now seem to all love him, although her Mom thought he was too old for her daughter... But I guarantee you will not have a real clue about who killed love...

Fun? Yes... Dancing, drinking...lots! But there's also a lot of memories as a man who still loved a woman is forced to deal with her death, her murder... It's romantic, poignant, memorable and in reading his life, his thoughts, you, too, may fall in love with him, like I did! Hey, at least until next month when Talanov comes back in his latest novel!

Don't miss this one! And, hey Don, this new fan's looking for your next novel soon...please!


Don Scribner was born and raised in northern Wisconsin and now resides in Burbank, CA. His career began in education and segued into the arts. An accomplished actor and writer, he's appeared in numerous films and his plays have been produced in a variety of locales. Discover his film and television credits on and

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