Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Leaves in Adornment - Poetry by Adolfo... Response by Moi... A Tribute to Beautiful Fall...

The wind has finally ceased;
a breeze of drizzly rain
accompanies the leaves to the ground
while trees tower above
of multi-colored leaves
in last adornment
Tree trunks stand as tombs,
their branches
                                                                  tentacles against the sky
Beneath which the colors
unknowingly disappear

Drops linger and roll off
absorbed by the ground--
a handkerchief moist with tears
speechless and dispassionate
while above
the camouflage
one more eternal change.

...But, Adolfo, while they're here...
Come and share them with me...
We'll walk together, arm and arm
pushing leaves with our feet!
Looking toward the winding road
Wondering what will be
Beyond more beauty of the trees
We'll pause and speak to the lone biker
knowing his ride will be faster...
But Wait, there's a bench along this way
Why rush these days when beauty peaks?
Come, my friend, sit with me
We'll talk of books and poetry...
Enjoy each day...
Though winter comes, 
Spring's magic, too, awaits...

"Leaves in Adornment" from Water and LifeBy Adolph (Adolfo) CasoUsed by Permission

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