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Alice Cussler's Children's Book Introduces Dragon Family From Far and Wide! Draco is Visiting So Let Your Kids Know!

"I'm Draco!

"Hello There! My name is Draco. I am only a young dragon, but I come from a large family with many relatives. They live all around the planet. Like your cousins, aunts and uncles, some of them look like me, and other ones don't.

"Even though they look different, they are still my family. I would like you to meet some of them, so that you can learn more about me and all of my relatives. Come with me, and we will take a trip through time, and around the world, to meet them!

All My Relatives are Dragons
By Alice Cussler

The first thing that caught my eye was that the front cover and narrator is a friendly little dragon that children will love. Draco is going to provide a lot of educational material for children, but they won't realize that so much since Draco has already become a friend!

But once you move on, the pictures are of real animals, which will help them begin to recognize the species...

And speaking of species, the use of words such as relatives--aunts, uncles, cousins--is, in my opinion, an excellent way to begin to learn about biology and all that good science stuff that will be part of their school days!

I don't know of any kid who has never had a set of toy dinosaurs.
My nephew would patiently tell me that this one was a Tyrannosaurus Rex, while another was... And I would pretend to repeat but choose the wrong toy... So which one is the Rex? Do you know???

Well, Draco will help you if you aren't sure! But I didn't know                                                            they had "stinky breaths!"

Now I, for one, was happy to read about what they call mythological dragons! Were they real? Well, they certainly have become a part of our world, haven't they? And who knows whether they were real except the prince who slayed them so that he could save the beautiful princess who would be his from then on! Draco made a point of saying they were quite friendly once you got to know them...
"My great grandma went all over China. She would look for dry farms and make it rain for the plants. She controlled
 rivers, and when she was angry she brought storms called hurricanes! Whew She was sommme lady!
Now if you haven't realized it, the kids will also be learning about ancestry as they start to look how the various dragons are related! Cool, right? In fact, this is a book that parents should possibly introduce to the children, depending upon age, so they can take the time to point out these topics!

But, you know, when Drago introduced me to his grandparents, I was a little more hesitant--I've seen some of those relatives and I'd just as soon let them live their own lives while I live mine!

"My Grandma is an alligator, and my Grandpa is a crocodile. They were alive when the dinosaurs were, and still are today. People always get then confused."

Now if I've got this right, crocs to the
left of me...

Alligators to the right...

But there is no way I'm going to spend
time to learn which are which of these dudes! Just my personal opinion, of course!

Hey, I don't mind you making fun of me if you like these relatives...But did you see the way that guy up above on the right is looking at me... And I did NOT, I reiterate, I did NOT invite him to have dinner with me!

Soooo, what am I saying? Well, as cute as little Draco is, and as important as it is to know about all his relatives, another verrrrry good reason to share this book is to talk about safety and what they need to consider if they ever see any of these relatives in their yards... Take the Iguana, for instance... No, go ahead and take him...I had one sitting on my shoulder once when I was on vacation, just to have a picture taken...which has somehow disappeared...LOL

Actually, the Iguana, the Water Dragon and Lizards of the smaller variety could be around some place where you live, so it's good to know about them. Myself, I think the chameleon is my favorite after the mythical dragons (of course). I think it is neat what ability they have to protect themselves!

I also learned about the Goanna, the Monitor Lizard, Gila Monster, and Komodo Dragon... who I didn't know much about...

But the most important thing of all if that we must all work together to make sure all of Draco's family members stick around in the future...And Drago asks for OUR help to do that! So make sure your kids know what the word, extinction, means! That's a very bad word for Draco's family! Find out why! Highly recommended for both fun and learning...


 Alice Cussler is a mother, and a writer. She has master's degree in psychology. The books, Alice Cussler publishes, intend to develop children's self-confidence and self-esteem. Her animal stories are written to teach children to be responsible towards animals. If children learn to love and respect animals, they will become reliable and responsible adults.

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