Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Ending...Until Next Time... Review of Weird Tales Magazine...


In this place,
coyotes eat from garbage cans
and every rib is picked clean.
Things do not rot secretly
as in the deep wet woods--
bodies don't stay buried long.
It is an imperative:

nothing is to be wasted... 

When all have had their share
even the carcass of a great beast
Leaves only a sand-scoured skull,
Or an ant-picked femur
That the wind plays, like a flute.
--Arinn Dembo

One Final look at the overall magazine must spotlight the final two sections--Poetry and Interviews
Wow! This edition also includes 
Scotland in October (Blencoe) by Carole Bugge;Dangerous Dreams by Jill Bauman; and Merciless by Andrew J. Wilson...
I chose Waste by Arinn Dembo because it was the perfect leadin to the interview that I wanted to spotlight as well...

Excuse me for including her photo because it certainly wasn't to slight any of the other contributors. It was just that, given her specialty, I was floored to see such a young, lovely, dare I say innocent girl???

Even if her mind is...quite weird...even for an acclaimed sculptor???

In fact, she was weird enough to be a significant individual at the World Fantasy Convention 

Since there are many more to be seen of her creations, I'm only showing one complementary to the "Waste" theme...

Lots More Can be Found Starting Here...

In case, you don't realize what some of the above are, let me give you a closeup! Check out the 
"Little Savages" sitting on the tongue... and on the nose below...

"Do you see your fairies as defenders or aggressors?
"Where do these fairies come from? Have they always been or have they recently appeared, and are they a force we as humans should be concerned aboutr?
"I discovered them in the late 1990s but in terms of fairy history I think they've always been there, possibly underground, lurking like cicada nymphs for years and years (they're made from plant roots) before emerging to wreak havor.       They're hellbent on world domination. Despite their size, I think we do need to be worried...they're developing methods to attack larger mammals, such as parasitic behavior and the control of swarms of bees and ants. Probably heading towards the use of biological warfare on an even smaller scale--viruses, diseases, etc.

This edition also includes Interviews with Ramsel Campbell, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Elizabeth Bear, Orrin Grey and J. David Spurlock...
Readers, this has been such a wonderful experience for me...Thank you to the team at Weird Tales for the opportunity to explore...imagine!...just one magazine! And there are lots more available, both past and future editions, the next one is on the Undead #362...Whew! I'm glad I got Fairy Tales for my enjoyment...

Sure, I've read short stories and novels in the fantasy, scifi, horror genre, but this has been a totally different experience, almost interactive... The themed concept definitely has made a fascinating change to content since readers are immersed into such a mixture of topic that you keep wondering, turning to the next story, what is "this" contributor thinking and bringing to you... Some were so weird that all of us might not grasp the meaning behind the writing. But even that's ok, because the beauty of the words and imagery has already brought a sense of wonder, sometimes amazement...

I'll be doing reviews on some of the other stories whenever you see one of these cute little figures, 
you'll know I'm having a weird day...

Genre writers...if you're not reading this magazine, well...I'm amazed...and surprised...
Ray Bradbury is probably once again saying, "Something Wicked This Way Comes..."
Congratulations on your 90th anniversary! Celebrate!


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