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The Seacrest by Aaron Paul Lazar, Lazar's First Sexy Romance! Waiting for You Today!
Life can change in the blink of an eye. This blink came when a cop car cruised up The Seacrest’s white shell driveway on a hot Saturday in July. I’ll never forget the moment. You know how folks remember where they were when John Lennon died? Or when President Kennedy was assassinated? It was like that, every detail stamped into my brain, forever. A fresh breeze laden with the scent of the sea rustled blue flowers in a nearby hydrangea hedge. Hot and sweaty, I stood in the blazing sun, feeling like a fool. I’d just finished weed wacking around the paddock fence posts. Unfortunately, said weed wacker had spooked Libby Vanderhorn’s favorite mare, Serendipity, who I secretly called Dippy, because she was such a loose cannon. She’d bucked three times and knocking down several fence boards. Libby was a good rider, but this time she’d landed in a sprawling heap on the soft dirt, swearing at me. 
"The boss’s gorgeous, stuck-up daughter didn’t mince words, and the sting of her accusations still sounded in my head. How stupid can you be, Finn? What’s wrong with you? Libby’s father held great power on Cape Cod. Rudolph Vanderhorn sat on so many boards, I’d lost count. His father’s fish canning company made a fortune back in the eighties, and he and his daughter had enjoyed the spoils ever since.
"I stooped to pick up a hammer from my toolbox, planning to reattach the fence boards before any of Libby’s horses got hurt on the protruding nails. Curious now, I watched the Brewster Police car circle the long drive, heading toward the mansion. The local authorities stopped by every few days to discuss town matters with my boss. But today the blue light was flashing, which didn’t look like a casual visit. A shudder went through me, and I turned cold. Something bad had happened. I sensed it. 
"The front door opened, and Rudy watched them approach, one hand shading the sun from his eyes. Like a majestic lion, he stood broad-shouldered and strong, his longish white hair lifting in the sea breeze. Libby stopped hosing down her big white mare, who thankfully hadn’t hurt herself in the fit she’d thrown earlier. The horse snorted and rubbed her big head against her owner’s arm as if to scratch an itch. Long, dark hair blew around Libby’s face, and she stared with open curiosity at the cruiser, rhythmically combing her fingers through the mare’s curly mane. 
"Time froze. I stood still, gripping the hammer, studying the patrol car as it drove past the front porch with its impressive columns and portico. It didn’t stop for Rudy, but passed the six-car garage, followed the driveway to the barn, and rolled to a stop ten feet from me, lights still flashing. Police Chief Kramer and Deputy Lowell stepped out and ambled toward me, their eyes somber. I dropped the hammer, letting it thud to the grass near my feet. “Finn?” Kramer said, approaching slowly. “I’m afraid we have bad news.” 
"There is nothing worse than hearing that bad news is about to be delivered. My brain went wild, imagining the worst scenarios. But somehow I didn’t quite picture what he was about to tell me. “There’s been an accident,” Kramer said. Lowell, a high school football star in his day, kicked the dirt at the edge of the path. “Car went over the cliffs,” he said, avoiding my eyes. 
“For God’s sake, guys.” I looked from Kramer to Lowell. “Who was in the car?” 
"Kramer pulled out a piece of paper. “I regret to inform you that your wife, Cora Mae McGraw, and your brother, Jaxson Robert McGraw, have been killed in a vehicular accident.” Deputy Lowell touched my sleeve, then awkwardly stepped back. “We’re real sorry...

The Seacrest: Sometimes Love Won't Die

Aaron Paul Lazar

Lazar opened another part of himself to his many readers in his latest novel, now out! You know, though, that this is not so surprising because his books always includes some romantic ties within a family setting. But those family members were once teenagers, finding their first interest in the opposite sex... And this writer remembers that....verrrrry well!

Two brothers were part of the family that lived on Blueberry Hill. As the name implies, they farmed blueberries and were constantly selling the best berries around--people came from all over to pick the fruit, keeping the entire family busy from dawn to dusk... But after that and in the little bit of free time, both boys were out--looking. Early on their parents had seen the difference between the two boys and tried to keep the younger one, Finn, from too much "brotherly love...teasing that he got" Still, Jax eagerly announced to their parents that Finn had a girl! 

The love that Jaxson wanted was with as many of the town girls as he could find...And that caused problems for everyone!

"Didn't you think I'd find out?"
"Dumbfounded, I sat still.
“About what?”
"She slammed her lemonade onto the table with a bit too much force, sloshing it over the side. “About the others, for God’s sake. What do you think?”
"I eyed her, wondering what the hell she was talking about. “What others? Libby. I swear to God, there was only you.”
"She jumped up, eyes narrowed, arms waving wildly as she stomped in a tight circle. “Jax told me, you moron. He told me about Penny and Sarah and Vanessa. He told me about how you knocked them all up. I saw them around town, for God’s sake! Their bellies were huge. You can’t deny it!”
"My jaw dropped. “You’re kidding, right?”
"She walked closer now, shoving me back in my chair with both hands. “No, I’m not kidding! Why can’t you just come clean and admit it?”

" I slowly stood, taking her hands in mine. She tried to pull away, but I drew her to me. “Libby. Listen.”
“I don’t want to hear your lame excuses! Sure, you were horny. All the girls liked you. You juggled us like balls in the air. You were all man. And you proved it, didn’t you?” She tried to wrest her arms away, but I held tight to her. “Listen to me, goddamn it.”

"For a moment she hesitated, slowed. She raised her eyes to mine. “I really loved you, Finn. You broke my heart.” 
"Anger surged through me. Jax had done it again. He’d turned my life upside down with more lies. More deceit. More betrayal that I couldn’t even yell at him for. He’d escaped that part, hadn’t he? I shook her, maybe a bit rougher than I should have. “Jax got those girls pregnant. All three of them. It. Wasn’t. Me.”

But the love that Finn found was more precious to him...than anything... He was just 17 when he met her. She wouldn't tell him her name so he gave her a nickname--Sassy. They spent most nights on the beach, even after her father had once found them there...and wanted him arrested!

Embarrassed maybe, but nothing was going to stop them from seeing each other and they were soon meeting in the loft of the barn at Seacrest...

Moving back and forth between the present and that time when they first met, the novel opens with a scene also at the Seacrest, where Finn now works, taking care of the horses, the garden and other things needed. He and his wife, Cora, both worked and lived in a cottage on the property...

But almost immediately, Cora and Finn's brother are killed in a vehicle accident...

Anybody reading that is automatically going to think the worst, I am sure... And it was true. Cora had been having an affair with Finn's brother... 

Trust, Lies, Deceit are all twisted up within the lives of that young couple after their early teen romance.  The only thing that remained was the love between them--but was it enough? More characters are brought in as ten years elapse from the time they first fell in love. Jax, Finn and Libby all marry and heartbreak grows..
“Yesterday” came on the radio, and Paul McCartney’s words reminded me how deeply I loved Libby, how no matter what happened, I’d cherish our times together in youth and over the past few days. But I knew I needed to support her right now, because she had to be going through hell. How did someone handle the news that an abusive husband who had reportedly died three years earlier was actually alive, coming home, and would need twenty-four-hour-a-day care for the rest of his life? 
In many ways, this was a romantic suspense that even closed with another surprise, closing out the novel wonderfully. I very much enjoyed Lazar's trip to the more sensual side. If you are a romance reader and have never read Lazar, this is the perfect novel for you to start! Highly recommended!

"I jumped in the shower first, and while she showered I closed the bedroom curtains so the filmy white fabric fluttered in the sea breeze. It wasn’t likely that anyone could see us, even if they were out in the yard, but I wanted to give the illusion of privacy. I put clean white flannel sheets on the bed and grabbed the bottle of champagne I’d been keeping downstairs in the fridge for the past few months...  
"With two fluted glasses on the bedside table, I set the champagne in a decanter with ice, and arranged a small vase of pink roses I’d hurriedly clipped from the stone wall by the barn. I found a collection of romantic tunes sung by Ella Fitzgerald in my brother’s stack of CDs near the player, and put it on softly in the background. 
"At least that’s how I’d imagined it."

Aaron Paul Lazar writes to soothe his soul. A multi award-winning author of three addictive mystery series, writing guides, and more, Aaron enjoys the Genesee Valley countryside in upstate New York, where his characters embrace life, play with their dogs and grandkids, grow sumptuous gardens, and chase bad guys. 

Visit his website at and watch for his upcoming releases, SANCTUARY (2014), and VIRTUOSO (2014). You may contact him at 

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