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Vice-President Biden's Dream Warns Paul Midden's "Indivisible?:The Story of the Second American Civil War!"

Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"At precisely 5:50 on that fateful afternoon, an electromagnetic pulse generated by a highly specialized piece of machinery shook the air throughout the Capital. All electronic devices, including cars, computers, bank machines, lighting, and everything else day-to-day life took for granted, stopped functioning for thirty seconds.
"Moments later, a missile streaked across the blue late-afternoon sky. It hit the Lincoln Memorial dead center, pulverizing the limestone statue and the surrounding colonnade structure. Washingtonians, tourists, and government workers alike stood in numb disbelief...
"...There was a lot about this situation that raised his ire, but the fact that they targeted the Lincoln Memorial for their first aggressive more infuriated him...
"I want the men who did that," he said to members of his National Security Council..."
"The first thing we've got to do, Mr. President," said Joe Biden, "is clear out those troops upstairs..."

 The Story of the
 Second American Civil War
By Paul Martin Midden

I think this may be the first book--A Political Thriller--which will be read differently by the sexes... At least in my opinion, LOL... I didn't think of it as a thriller--more a horror novel, albeit a fascinating well written horror!

And there were characters in this book who agreed with me! One was the wife of a man with whom she'd lived and had children; but who, when he came to her and told her he was one of a number of men who were planning to "dismantle" the government of the United States, replied, "You're crazy!" Then she drew a knife on him and chased him out of her house. Then took the children and ran!

I met Paul Midden last year through his novel, One Voice Too Many and dared people to read it! Whew! That one was tame compared to his latest!
"David Blinder sat back in his desk chair. He was at
home in Texas, but he was working hard. He had been
in contact with all of the resources he had identified to
effect a crisis and the dissolution of the federal govern-
ment. He looked up on his wall at the Gilbert Stuart
portrait of Thomas Jefferson, the one that everyone
thought was lost. David had spent considerable energy
and resources to procure it, and he mused how similar
his present activities were to that worthwhile pursuit.
"Davis mused a bit about his motives. He considered
that few people knew the stirrings of his heart, mostly
because he acted as if he didn't have any. He was
supremely private. He didn't think he had even shared
the passion he felt with those closest to him, even his
brother George. But David Blinder loved America, and
he believed in his heart, along with his father, that the
thirties spelled the beginning of the end of the American
dream, the vision that the Founding Fathers had
formulated: the United States as a place where freedom
reigned as the highest value, where men were free to do
as they pleased to get ahead as they saw fit, without the
interference or regulation of an enormous bureaucracy.
He shared this vision, and he wondered why so few others
did relative to the population of the country.
"But he had found those brave few, and he was ready to
perform major surgery on the land mass that he loved..."
I probably have as many or maybe more concerns about the government as anybody else--but mainly it's about the bureaucracy and the unwillingness for people in the U.S. to hold people, including senators, representatives, administrators, accountable in their jobs! Been there; done that! (Or at least tried my damnedest, LOL) Delegation, etc., to the states should be done, but the premise that those who want to pull out into different countries, is flawed--except for those, of course, who would become heads of those new governments.

Nevertheless, Madden identifies those that have talked succession--the Confederacy of southern states, Texas, California, for example... Most of them men, rich, powerful, and wanting more power. Many of them, like the Blinders had a father who had "preached" his personal opinions so often that it had to rub off if the children didn't become a responsible thinking adult...

And, noticeably, for me was that the spouses and families of those doing the planning knew nothing...

I think that women would do exactly what Cherie Keenan did... Think of her home and children first and flee from treasonous thoughts...again, just my personal opinion...

Now the key thing about those who are willing to consider overthrowing a government is that they have been thinking about it for many years... Some had worked their way into high, powerful positions. Others had joined with local friends. Others had served in the military and trained as efficient soldiers. Some men had already taken on leading roles in their own groups and/or organizations.

Only one, a professor and arms specialist who sold weapons to anybody who wanted them, had his eyes only on the money to be made.

Only one man, who had already made much money was needed to put his money to work...

Key to the plot was that there were some individuals in the government who were already preparing for such an event. Others were being hired as private contractors who were gleaning a lot of information while doing these contract jobs. What that meant was that, things got moving faster, the government was there to thwart them. They were thankfully there when Cherie Keenan, who had run from her husband. She later learned that her husband was the first casualty of war, probably because he just couldn't keep his mouth shut and his wife under his thumb.  They left his head on his front porch and other body parts where he worked...

One of the side issues that I liked was that the author inserted commentaries from time to time which explained issues included in this fictional novel in a more professional , truthful manner...

I'm going to assume that there will be a followup to this book. But, really, it could stand on its own. The second civil war has begun in the United States. Will our President, Vice-President and all of us make the right choices as we must choose whether to support our present government. Only readers, I think, or those already thinking along lines of those who turn against the government and the United States citizens, will know on which side they would fight...

Where are you on this position? If you don't already know, I highly recommend that you read this book. It definitely will help you decide... I saw another reviewer said this book was heart-stopping... Well, mine was pounding at the end...but I do know I'm for the "winning side"! LOL

Official photographic portrait of US President...
Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"How much time?" the President asked.
"Twelve hours," replied the general.
"Meanwhile," the President continued, "we need to
get on the air and say something..."

"I'm going to tell the simple truth, Joe," the 
President replied. "The going to tell people
 that fanatical groups of different stripes
 have decided on their own, without
electoral approval or a democratic process, to grab
 power in the most powerful nation in the world, 
and that they did it in an immoral way for the
 most fanatical reasons...
"...Anything less would be bullshit..." 


Official portrait of Vice President of the Uni...
Official portrait of Vice President of the United States . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"Vice President Biden was stunned. The dream hehad weeks ago felt like the premonition it was
turning out to be. He turned to the President. "What
are you going to say? he asked.

Paul Martin Midden
 is a practicing psychologist and the author of two previous novels. His literary interests include developing interesting characters who are confronted with the challenges of modern life. He lives and works in Saint Louis, Missouri, where he experiments with different approaches to fiction.

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