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The Falco Family Closes Trilogy With Guidance in Making Choices by Children...

Welcome to a Bright New World
A Narrated Story with Music - Final Story in Trilogy

The final story is perhaps the most important - but then again - our lives are formed right from the first day we are born... Starabella was a little special star born to a loving family. Her family never knew until she was 21 exactly why she was special...

So there was never any thought about having her attend school with all the other children...

"Starry wished so much that she could have a friend to
play with. Not knowing she could be heard, she sang
out to the other children:
"Believe in Me
"Starry stepped out into the classroom with the help
of her new friend.
"Tomiko and Starry beamed as they saw the circle of
smiling faces around them.
At first she was excited, and when her mother took her to meet her new teacher Miss Maradise, she thought she was very nice! 

And wait until you meet her new schoolmates:
Emilio, Josh, Tomiko, Jeremy, Julian, Elizabeth, Malia, Zandrina, and Lifisha...

They all began to play and have fun but after a while, Starabella was beginning to be uncertain... afraid...would they play with her?

Now, if you've already read books 1 and 2, you'll know that when Starabella wasn't sure what to do, she would start humming or singing...

What About Me?

The children had called her a baby because she couldn't understand some of the instructions said while others were talking. So, wisely, Miss Maradise took immediate action to help the children learn!

And readers are invited to participate in a game of questions and answers which involve a "magic mirror!"

The key thing about these books, for me, was that they are able to show that all children across the world need to learn to interact with others, even the bullies! Pictures of children are illustrated over and over and take part in helping children to learn about children with any type of special needs, children of other nationalities, children who need to learn how to interact with others, and most of all for them to understand and empathize with the feelings of others with whom they interact.

I loved the inclusion of a little boy--see him in the back with the hat? Readers never do see who that little boy is, but for whatever reason, he chose to always hide his face, even when he began to be able to play with the other children...

There are other lessons to be learned--and sometimes, we adults, may learn new things by helping our children read and listen to these books. This trilogy may be centered on a little girl whose special need was autism...but the books are just as important to help us learn acceptance of all others with whom we might have to interact.

And when they are bullies, we learn not to be afraid to speak out against what that bully is doing!

Now the mechanics of this book:

The CDs are exceptionally well done so that it's almost like watching television--but they are teaching reading, songs to sing and so much more! I plan to pass my copies on to my niece who is a special needs administrator, for her use as well as to share with her son! The vocalists and musicians are wonderful, as is the narration. It is well articulated, slow and easily understood. I've included some of the internal pictures so that you realize that the front covers are just the beginning of the fantastic art work in these books. Even the stars in Starabella's eyes are not there alllll the time! The whole presentation has been created to be entertaining and fun for the readers, even while they are learning so much! Kudos to all that were involved!

Yes, not only highly recommended in general,for all children; but some families should consider them must-reads!


Dana Falco 
Associate Producer
Tara Falco 

Marvin Falco
Publisher/Significant Contributor

Sharon Falco

Character Wardrobe Designer
 Illustrated by Anton Petrov
 CD recording by Joe Vulpis, AP Music, Inc.

 And a Cast of Others!

 Note: I tried to figure out how to get a sample of the music...the following is as close as I could get. Look for it on the link! 

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A New Beginning 00:30
Performing Artist: Dana and Tara Fialco
Composer/Songwriter: Dana and Tara Fialco
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