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Second in Trilogy by the Falco Family Provides Guidance in Emotional Situations for Children~

Best Books Award Finalist by USA Book News
Benjamin Franklin Finalist Award by Independent Book Publishers Association

New Adventure and
  Mixed Emotions
By Sharon, Tara, and Dana Fialco
Illustrated by Anton Petrov

Recorded by Joe Vulpis

Imagine as a child that first big event you experienced--for Starabella that was the circus! The Music, The Clowns, The Animals... Starabella loved the trapeze artists best and she began to imagine what it would be like to fly through the air! She was thinking so hard that all of the other noises and activities got in her way and she began to feel sad...then bad...

But when they left and went home, Starabella could begin to remember how she was so overwhelmed with everything at the circus. She started laughing and ran through the house--Laughing, Laughing, Laughing!
So much that her parents began to worry about her. Finally though, her mother shouted to ask her why she was laughing...Her response was that she didn't know!

Finally, she was able to play the piano to express her feelings...

Starabella was not diagnosed with autism until she was 21. Fortunately, she had discovered a way to help share her feelings through her piano.

Book 2 in this trilogy shares about the first time that Starabella had gone to a big outside event. It brought so many feelings to her that she was overwhelmed! 
I personally believe, though, that all of us, including children, get overwhelmed at times, and this book helps us deal with our emotions at that time!

A special note that all of these books include a diverse group of people of different races which provides further ability to discuss social issues as children are experiencing new things.

This book really allowed the impact of the accompanying CD to be made. Not only do we read about the circus, we hear all the sounds, the music, the vendors shouting...

And then we can also hear the various emotions that are shared when Starabella had so many mixed feelings that she had to stop and experience them one at a time, maybe twice, until she began to get back to her normal daily events.

But then another event occurred and almost the same thing happened! Starabella was so involved in climbing a ladder that she moved too fast and away from her mother! That time, she needed help to get back down! Wow! She had become so intent on reaching the top that the danger of her actions were not even considered...

And sometimes any child may have that happen, so these were all good lessons to be shared and discussed with children... It's always important to be extra careful when something new is introduced, isn't it?

I think your child is going to be just as excited to read about Starabella's adventures, especially when she can hear the sounds and even learn some new songs!

Here's a part of a song that I especially liked!

Trapeze artists Kia and Lindsay at Circus Smirkus
Trapeze artists Kia and Lindsay at Circus Smirkus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ta-da; Ta-do!

When you're feelin' scared
inside and don't know why
When you feel like you may
event want to cry
All you have to do is give it
your best try
Then throw your hands up
to the sky and shout, Ta-Da!
Highly Recommended! Look for reviews for Books 1 and 3 as well!


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