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Sandy Wolters' Justice for Emily Fantastic Paranormal Romantic Thriller!

Patrick watched as the townsfolk moved forward, said their goodbyes and left. When everyone was gone, he moved forward. He looked at the deep, cold hole in the ground with what was left of Emily. “I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I promise you, Emily, that I will not let him get away with this. Thank you for everything you did for me and the people around you.” He tossed a rose into the hole and walked away...~“Rachael, please help me.” Rachael went rigid and continued to stare at the vision. This ghost knew her name. It was quite unnerving when a ghost called you by name. The ghost gradually began to disappear. She was nearly gone when Rachel shouted, “Wait! Who are you? What do you need help with?” Just before the ghost disappeared, Rachael heard in her head, “I’m Emily.”

Justice for Emily

By Sandy Wolters

I loved this first novel that I've read by Sandy Wolters...Romance, ghosts, psychic revelations, for me, adds up to a book I would pick up to consider. When the writer has created characters with whom I immediately get involved, especially a sassy heroine, all the better! So then when the mother of a potential love interest comes to bless the union and suggest they get "acquainted..." Even moving her suitcases into the master suite! I am thoroughly hooked! Big Time!

Even if the man's mother has been dead for quite some time...

But his mother had always known that Patrick's wife would have special abilities and they both realized that his mother had probably led Rachel to this little town...and to her son...

"Emily grew up here in Brownwood, Texas, and always extended a helping hand to those around her. Although she was only thirty-three years old at the time of her death, over the years she had sculpted herself into the matriarch of the inhabitants of this small town. 
"She genuinely loved the town and the people in it. Outside of her children, it seemed her only interests were helping those around her. Joe Clapton and his wife, Cheryl, were here with their children. Several years ago, Joe lost his job, and they were finding it difficult to keep food on the table. When Emily heard of their circumstances, she started a food sharing program by visiting the local restaurants and convincing them to donate all cooked food that was earmarked to be thrown away so it could be distributed to those families who needed it instead. 
"Walt Sheridan was standing off to the side looking bereft. He had been a friend of Emily’s since grade school. When he was arrested for burglary, Emily went to visit him in jail to find out why he had chosen this path. She found out that he was unable to find work and felt he had no other options. Against her husband’s objections, Emily helped Walt start a successful lawn service. 
"Katie Spencer was also here with her boy, Joshua. Katie had been a sixteen-year-old girl who found herself pregnant. Once again, thought Patrick, enter Emily. Emily had provided Katie with emotional support as well as advice on her options. Emily’s influence resulted in her keeping her baby and finishing high school. There were hundreds of people here for this woman who had made a difference in their lives in small ways and in large ways. 
"Patrick’s attention turned to Boyd Campbell, Emily’s husband and his boss. A rage so deep that Patrick felt it ripple through his entire being gripped at his soul, making him edgy. It was apparent Boyd felt Emily did not deserve a funeral. He probably wouldn’t have had the graveside service except there were so many people in town who loved Emily that he felt he had to do something to keep up appearances. Noticeable to all, Boyd failed to bring the three most important people in Emily’s life to say goodbye: her children. 

Rachel was a homicide detective in Phoenix. She had resigned but her boss, instead, put her on leave, knowing that her last case had been extremely difficult and wanted her to have a chance to think about what she wanted to do. She had got in her car and just took off. Though she was directionally challenged, and had stopped to look at a map, she had a feeling to go one way rather than the other and had wound up in Brownwood, Texas...

Where it didn't take long for Patrick to find her, immediately...knowing...

But what he was mentally thinking about at the time was that she might be able to help him in the murder investigation. After all, it was his boss, the Chief of Police, who he knew had killed Emily...

Emily was his wife...

And nobody knew what it had been liked behind the closed doors of the Campbell's House...

Even Patrick was surprised though when Rachel started talking about the second ghost in the house! She explained that she was not like his mother had appeared, because Rachel could see through her. Rachel had told him she'd ask for help and Rachel had told her to try to find Paddy's Mom... But then the ghost had told her  name...


Rachel knew that she was going to help! She interrogated Patrick as the officer on the scene and discovered that his boss had forced him to forget about protocol, to rewrite his statement and later the gun was gone from the evidence room, even though it showed Patrick had turned it in.

One little twist was that when Rachel and Patrick were ready to present to the DA, he immediately asked if she was "the" Rachel that his friend had talked so much about. Rachel was thrown by the name of her ex-fiancee and, even more, when he came into town to work the case at the DA's request! A love triangle it was not and Patrick, especially, had real problems dealing with it! LOL But, fortunately, they played by the rules for this important case and gathered the evidence even though Emily's husband had her cremated and had worked it so that no autopsy had been done!

But it wasn't enough for a trial and he walked...

NOT! Lots more and a reallllllly cool ending! That just had to happen! Can't guess? No problems! You've got to read this one anyway! Enjoy! Justice at its finest...


Sandy Wolters


I’ve been an avid reader for years. To my husband’s dismay, I have bookshelves full of books, rooms full of books, boxes full of books. My cars have books in them. I just can’t seem to get rid of them after I read them. You just never know when you will want to read it again, right?

About two years ago, my husband gave me the dream gift, a Kindle. It was love at first sight and my first foray into the world of ebooks. To say the least, I am a technologically challenged person but when a reader, such as I, is told that you can have the book you want to read in seconds, I’m going to do whatever it takes to learn how to use it as quickly as possible.

While I still have books everywhere, I no longer take ten or twelve books with me when I go on vacation. The only thing I need is my Kindle. It never leaves my purse.

My genre of choice is romance with a paranormal twist. My authors of choice are Diana Palmer, Iris Johansen, Catherine Coulter, Jill Gregory and of course, the queen, Nora Roberts. I am also very partial to Michael Connelly, who is not a romance author but damn that man can write!

In my life prior to becoming an author, I was Legal Assistant/Office Manager for a wonderful local estate planning attorney (no criminals that I know of). Prior to that, I also worked my way up the ladder in a large corporation, from payroll clerk to supervising nine employees in operational accounting.

When my children, Shandelle and Pilar, were small, I took a few years off to be a full-time mom and help my husband with his accounting work for his auto repair shop.

After, Michael, my husband, sold his business, he changed professions and started working for a national construction company.

Michael and I raised two beautiful, strong women so that’s who I write about. The women in my books are strong individuals that have moments of weakness and frailty to work through.

For more information see website at www.sandywolters.weebly.com.

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