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Nocomus Columbus Spits Out New "Food Therapy" for Readers' Consumption!

"The beginning of the dream was a breathtaking image. Corey, able to walk, able to move with no limitations. Just himself, alone, in a room full of pizza boxes.   Such is ecstasy.            
"Corey places both hands on a pizza box located on top of a stack of other pizza boxes. He rubs his hands on the cardboard. Softly.   He draws the aroma into his nostrils. Savoring the smell, the spices. Pure bliss. Slowly, he lifts the lid of the pizza box. Nearly powerless, almost unwilling to contain his excitement.   Is this what God felt like when he created Adam?   Is this what Mary felt like when she looked into her son’s eyes for the first time?            
"The box is empty. How can it be? I can smell it. Tranquility abandoned. The ecstasy. The bliss. No more.   He works his way from box to box each box, each one like the next. Empty.            
"The smell of spice and cardboard persists. Panic. Only one box remains. There must be something in this box. There must. He closes his eyes. He opens the last box..."
Food Therapy
By Nocomus Columbus

Like Dale "The Whale" Biederbeck, a character in the famous Mr. Monk series, Corey is now condemned to spend his life in bed... His mother his only...supporter. They made due on the money that was provided by his father's company after he was killed on the job. My thought about him was that he was OCD--but you'll have to decide that for yourself. There's a couple of clues!

After his father was killed, it really didn't affect Corey that much since his father had never spent time with him, preferring to use his free time with his LEGGO collection and building models, which of course Corey was not allowed to touch...

Once the money was gone, his mother had to get a job to make more money than her teaching so she learned how to be a massage therapist. Corey's room was changed to one of the first floor since he had reached 800 pounds, so that he was able to set up a system for having pizza delivered. A young delivery girl, overweight, often delivered the pizza and was nice to say hello to him, but she never would come in... 

Corey's mother established her business on the second floor--perhaps doing a little more than advertised. My hint was her "brushing her teeth" after every client but you can decide because of course Corey didn't know... but he knew his mother had some weird customers!

One guy named Jim would stop and talk to him before or even after his appointments... Corey enjoyed spending time with this new friend...

"Jim came by the house once a week.   Corey always looked forward to his time with Jim.   Jim and Corey would talk for a while, and then Corey’s mom would come downstairs and get Jim. After they were finished doing whatever they did upstairs, Jim would come back down and visit with Corey some more.   If Corey’s mother didn’t have a client booked after Jim, he’d sit and talk with Corey even longer.   "Corey found out that Jim had a daughter. Becky was her name.   Jim hadn’t seen Becky in years.   He said he couldn’t. He said Becky’s mother wouldn’t let him see her.   He said Becky’s mother told Becky he was a bad man, and that he was dead, which Corey thought was horrible.   Corey hated Becky’s mother for doing this to Jim.                     Jim also told Corey that he used to be in the Army.   He didn’t talk about that much.   Jim said he was retired now, said he received disability from the military, although he wouldn’t say what the disability was.   He just said that war changes people, and not for the better. 
"Jim also said he wanted to get an RV, and travel to every state except Hawaii.  One afternoon during a visit, Jim asked Corey if he could date his mom.   This pleased Corey, not only because he liked Jim, but because he asked Corey for permission to date his mother.   He respects me.                                   ~~~

English: Picture of an authentic Neapolitan Pi...
Napoli. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)"What do you mean Corey?"
"I mean, I took your advice. Now I have
2 friends...
"At that moment, Corey felt an
irrepressible hunger. He surveyed the
ash-filled room. The Pizza! He looked at
the slices of pizza sitting at room
temperature before him. He focused
on the largest piece. There were pieces
of Sam on it..."
But one day a preacher man came to meet with his mother, which changed everything. For one, the man carried something like a vase with him and would leave it in Corey's room. Corey was confused when the man told him that it was the remains of his son Sam...

Soon Sam and Corey were having conversations...

Corey is a social networker, having 352 friends until Sam suggested he put his real picture up on Phasebook...

Then Corey accidentally dropped Sam and he flew everywhere. He didn't like preacher man anyway...

Columbus' first novel, 3:53 a.m. was much more graphic and violent in content and language. This time, he presents a subtle, but definite horror fantasy that, once again, forces you to read each and every word to comprehend his story. Not a bad thing in my opinion. Because it forces you to remember his characters and how they were involved...Take the ending for instance...

All I've got to say is that he should have been faster in listening to Sam...

His overall writing style continues as his first novel, however. In many ways, it's merely a copy of the journal he might keep. If his mind wanders you get to start with:
Not long after creation. Not long in terms of the infinite. A single moment of frustration. Abandoning all his senses. HE shattered the first conception. Shattered it in style, of course. An explosion so bright even HE had to look away. Bursting into a billion tiny little particles. Atomic shrapnel. HE watched with a smirk as the particles joined with one another. Joined in a dance. Propelled together by a mutual attraction. Defiance. Later on He watched as THEY limped out of the ocean. Rebellion. Those unintended perversions. Those twisted images of himself. In time THEY became something else. God-like but not quite. These insignificant pieces lost in dissatisfaction. Micro-deities of imperfection. HE watches. Nothing more.
I'm enjoying reading this new writer who claims he's not an author...But I will tell you that his writing continues to improve and he has an excellent grasp of using street lit to share his thoughts with his readers. A little mystery, a little murder, a little spooky, a little humor, a little...sad...

Great combination for those who enjoy the extraordinary, the unusual, the...strange...once in a while, like I do!
Highly recommended!


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