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Children 3 to All Ages Will Enjoy Meeting Starabella! Watch for Reviews of Trilogy for your Home Library!

Best Books Award Finalist by USA Book News
Benjamin Franklin Finalist Award by Independent Book Publishers Association

Mystery Girl of Music
By Sharon, Tara, and Dana Fialco
Illustrated by Anton Petrov
Recorded by Joe Vulpis

Reviewing children's books is just a little bit different in my opinion. Especially for this trilogy, which is so much more than a child's story book. If I were looking at a book for an adult, I would consider this and the other two books literary marvels. First, the book itself is illustrated by Anton Petrov and the quality of the art itself is superb! These books really need to be in every community library across the nation, in my opinion!

The next issue that must be addressed is that the book comes with a complete CD Recording, not only of the songs, but the story itself. There are little touches, such as, "turn the page" commands that will help younger children learn not only how to read a book, but, by having the book read to them and seeing the words and pictures, they will be able to use it as a reading training tool as well...

Starabella is obviously the main character, but that is not the only thing she is...

The book takes us from the time Starabella was born, brought home from the hospital and named because of her beautiful eyes that shown as stars when she was happy.

However, sometime during her early years her parents, as well as Starabella noticed that her words her not always understandable--the other children would say, "What!"

And Starabella also couldn't understand what was being said to her... She began to withdraw...

Starabella always loved to visit her grandparents--she loved them so much as they love her...but she also enjoyed playing on their piano! So they sent it to her!

Imagine! Being able to sit and play that piano any time she wanted!

Oh yes, she banged it some at first, but soon she had learned the sound of each and every key...And soon she was able to find her words, her thoughts, in her music!

Included in the book and CD are songs created and sung by family members of Starabella, starring herself of course, on piano, I believe...

Now you know that I'd picked out this one to share with all of you!

Kitten Kaboodle

Kitten Kaboodle, Kitten Kaboodle
You are so cute and soft and fat
Kitten Kaboodle, Kitten Kaboodle
Oh, how we love this cat, our cat
She rubs up against us to ask for love
And begs and pleads for food
She roams all around and pokes in her nose
Right where it doesn't belong
And pus us in a bad mood--
How rude!... (and more!)

In addition to Starabella's story and music, there is also a personal story from the family who authored this beautiful gem, so that others who have children might learn. Tara was not diagnosed with high-functioning autism until she was 21... No wonder this was all a mystery! And there may be others who do not recognize what may be different for every single child! I have had both low-functioning and high-functioning forms of autism in my own family and have met other children. Wouldn't it be great to have this type of book being read, and songs sung, by children who also may learn there are differences from one child to another?

Watch for my review of the next two books! But don't hesitate...Get this first story about the little mystery girl and start reading and sharing with your own children! An important addition to your family library!


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