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Faith Healing Spotlighted in Lawrence Gold's Outstanding Drama!

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For the Love of God:
 The Love of God Shouldn't Be a Death Wish

By Lawrence M. Gold, M.D.

The second novel I read this weekend by Dr. Gold just might be more traumatic to read than the first one... But fortunately, it does not happen as often--or at least I didn't think so, until I found the following paragraph on Dr. Gold's site:

If you believe that prayer for the sick to the exclusion of medical care is a thing of the past, think again. Each year children in the United States suffer horribly and die from injuries or medical conditions readily treated by physicians and hospitals. Do a literature search on faith healing or go to the website of “Children’s Healthcare Is a Legal Duty, Inc.” (www.childrenshealthcare.org) and you’ll see a litany of horrors as a small segment of mostly fundamentalists allow their minor children to die from diabetes, pneumonia, asthma, and many other conditions all readily responsive to standard medical care.

God forgive us!

The moon retreated behind the New York Adirondack hills to the northwest. Its shadow spread over the compound leaving it in near total darkness but for one dimly lit farmhouse window. A silhouetted woman moved forward, bent over, grunted, and forced the window open. She looked into the night sky, took a deep breath, murmured a prayer, turned back to the room, and disappeared. In moments, the night sounds succumbed to her ardent prayers.
Inside the room lay eight year old Henry Frank. His still form rested on the freshly remade bed. Perspiration dripped from his pores forcing them to change the soaked white sheets three times in the last two hours.
At his bedside, Candace, the Healer, knelt in prayer. She looked at Henry and recoiled at the fragile child’s shrunken eyes and drawn cheeks. His parched parted lips showed a tight slit of perfect white teeth, an image of agony. She hovered over Henry, his face, and torso slick with her repeated anointments.
As Candace reached for her Bible and for the next round of prayer and oiling, she again noted the child’s deep breathing and his strong fruity breath. Tears streamed down her cheeks. “Heavenly Father, grant this soul the strength of Thy word. Hear us on behalf of Thy sick servant, Henry Frank, for whom we beg the aid of Thy pitying mercy that Thy servant may be healed.”
Healing was her calling, her blessing to serve the sick...
Daniel approached Michael, pulled up a chair before him, and sat. He reached for Michael’s shoulders, their eyes locking. “Nina told me of your concerns, my son, but you must remain strong and true to our beliefs. Remember James 5: 14: If any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord; and the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up.” 
Michael had few illusions about his character and his life. He lived to please others and had always sought the easy way out. He hadn’t the courage to confront Daniel and Nina. Michael knew from the core of his being that he was living a lie with the Followers. Even if he fully agreed with their beliefs, he did not have the faith necessary to be of use to his son in this crisis. Why are they so sure of themselves, of their way, when to me, few things in life are that certain? Michael yielded, resting his head on the table. 
Daniel smiled. “Have no fear my son. I’m here to show the way, and to support the faith. Pray with us for your son. Candace will remain with Henry. She will be our guide, the conduit for His healing grace.” Nina and Michael returned after their prayer and meditation session with Daniel. Nina’s vacuous smile reflected acceptance and inner peace. Michael felt anything but.

Amy - Read Her Story!
Words leave me as I now realize that Dr. Gold's story is based upon fact! I remember when, upon being diagnosed with clinical depression for burnout, my older sister told me she'd take me for prayer at church...And I'd get over it...

What she didn't know was that I had already called our pastor. When he and his wife came, they did pray, but they also sent me immediately to a doctor! I took that advice and went on immediate medical leave for exhaustion.

It is hard for me to understand how anybody could have a sick child and not immediately take them for all the wonderful care that is available to them. Please know that this book is detailed in describing these activities and people who are doing this. The important part, however, for me, was the trial portion. So I also consider it a legal thriller of importance!

Read Robyn's Story!
A small farm had been established when Patricia inherited the land. Daniel and she had just left a church under duress, and they took those that had become to be known as followers with them...

It was only by accident that what was happening was discovered. Two fugitives who had escaped prison had come to their town and the sheriff went after them, finding the cave they were going to use after he'd killed both of them... When the crime scene investigators came, it was then that they entered the cave where the fugitives apparently planned to hide...and found the graves...

Ages ranged, but mostly they were all children. When the Medical Examiner and a Forensics Anthropology began the review of the bones, they not only couldn't believe it, but they later "demanded" that they both testify in court about their findings. All of the children could have been saved through relatively simple medical assistance...

While there's a romance between the sheriff and a news reporter, which lightens the book up a little, it still supports the overall story and they bargain with each other on what she can publish. Finally, she refuses to hold off and releases the terrible discovery of the bodies...but there was sooooo much more to discover...

Read Nancy's and other stories!
Daniel might have at one time felt God's touch in healing someone he loved, but that had been a long time ago. Soon his intellect resulted in his own version of beliefs that may have had some truth, until he began to feel, perhaps, above God...or really believe God spoke to him in guiding his actions...

The legal actions taking place in the book were NOT about freedom of religion, but rather ignoring the lives of those too young, who could not make their own decisions...

Pictures included in this article are linked to the site mentioned in Dr. Gold's statement. If you have any doubt about legal issues regarding faith healing, please investigate further!

There were many reasons that I was reading until 2AM until I finished! If this review makes you at least curious to know more, I urge you to read For the Love of God!


Name: Lawrence W. Gold, M.D.

Residence: Grass Valley, CA

Author bio:

I practiced internal medicine and nephrology (diseases of the kidney) in Berkeley, California for twenty-three years. I was an active participant in his hospital’s quality assurance program that monitored physician performance. In addition, I served as chief of the department of medicine and family practice.

My wife, Dorlis and I retired and set sail to cruise Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. We are back on land in Grass Valley, California.

American Red Cross Instructor: CPR/AED/First Aid.

August 2009 : medical/nephrology service at UC Davis. September 2009: Appointed Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine/Nephrology at the School of Medicine University of California, Davis.2010 Renal attending at Ambulatory Care Center Internal Medicine/Nephrology

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